mvIMPACT licence problem


If the license folder will be NFS mounted on the mvBlueLYNX the NFS-Server, which is delivered
with the mvBlueLYNX CD, will convert all file names to lower case.

eg.: MS000155-lic150203.tgz ==> ms000155-lic150203.tgz
MT031055-lic311103.tgz ==> mt031055-lic311103.tgz

The installation tool lic_install will not recognise the license files as valid for the mvBlueLYNX
and will not install the mvImpact licenses on the hardware.

If the license file will be renamed the installation tool will install the licenses.
The problem is solved upon the license installation tool from tools-030318.tgz.

eg.: mvBL:/data/[usr lic]# mv ms000155-lic150203.tgz MS000155-lic150203.tgz
mvBL:/data/[usr lic]# mv mt031055-lic311103.tgz MT031055-lic311103.tgz

NOTE: Do not rename the license file by using the windows explorer or similar Windows tools.
Rename the file by using CYGWIN or a Windows telnet on the mvBlueLYNX.

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