How to operate with two or more mvTITAN grabber under linux


In general it is possible to use one or more mvTITAN grabber under linux.
For this you must make the following additions :

The DMA buffer which you reserve before liux starts must big enough.
I.e. for two mvTITAN-DIG you must reserve at least 2 * 4MB = 8MB DMA buffer
You can do this with the "mem" parameter for the kernel which you can set in lilo or grub.

The .ini file which your application used (e.g. titantest.ini) must contain two sections.

- The first section named "[TITAN]" describe the settings for the first grabber. It is identical with the section which you used for a single grabber.
As linux-device the "minor device number" = 0 were used.

- The second section named "[TITAN.1]" describe the settings for the second grabber. The format is the same as the first section.
In this way you can work with different modes and/or cameras on two or more grabber.
As linux-device the "minor device number" = 1 were used.

When opening a mvTITAN-device you must call the function "mvOpenDevice" with a second paramter in your application.
This parameter should be the address from a string which contain the name of the section.
Also see the file "grabif.cpp" in the "linuxtest"-direcory (function "OpenGrabber").

For example
int error;
char *inifile_name = "titantest.ini";

char *section_name = "[TITAN]";
CHAR **secpar = (CHAR **) §ion_name1;

grabber1-->dev = mvOpenDevice ((CHAR *) inifile_name, secpar, &error, NULL);

char *section_name2 = "[TITAN.1]";
secpar = (CHAR **) §ion_name2;

grabber2-->dev = mvOpenDevice ((CHAR *) inifile_name, secpar, &error, NULL);

... and so on ...

You can also test the mvTITAN grabber with the test program in the directory "linuxtest".
The only thing you must do is to add the second section in the "titantest.ini" as described in point 2 and run
"titantest" or "xtitantest" with the following parameters :

your_prompt> ./titantest -N 2 -s TITAN

The "-N 2" -parameter stand for : "use two grabber"
The "-s TITAN" -parameter stand for: "base-section name in "titantest.ini" is "TITAN"

You must have at least a driver from CD2003B or later to use this function.

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