Shortcuts for image acquisition in Impact Go and Impact S


As default no shortcut is assigned to any image acquisition. But you can assign one yourself.
For that you have to do a click with the right mouse button on a free area of the icon bar. The entry "Customize..." in the now visible pop-up-menu opens the dialog "Customize". All the key assignments can be done in the register "Keyboard".
The list "Category" in the register "Keyboard" defines which commands are displayed in the field "Commands". To display also the image acquisition commands you have to define "All commands" in the list "category". Now mark the command you want to assign a shortcut to in the "Command" list (e.g. Snapshot). Set the input focus to the field "Press New Shortcut Key" and press the key or the combination of keys you want to assign. After that the chosen key or combination is displayed in this field and can be assigned by pressing the button "Assign".
The List "Set Accelerator for" defines where and when this assignment is available. If the entry "Default" was chosen the assignment is always available.

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