VB and Delphi respectively support for MATRIX VISION hardware

mvAcquireControl, mvBlueLYNX, mvCAM, mvDELTA, mvGAMMA-G, mvIMPACT SDK, mvSIGMA, mvTITAN, pcIMAGE

Whenever something is stated for VB this also applies for Delphi.

For the mvBlueLYNX series there currently is no Visual Basic support.

For all other previously mentioned products the following applies for the available interfaces:

- mvSDK (mv.h): no VB support
- mvAcquireControl SDK: Limited support under VB
- mvIMPACT SDK: Nearly complete support under VB
- mvIMPACT Acquire: Nearly complete support under VB


As just a couple of functions are exported by the driver libraries programs can"t be developed under Visual Basic using this interface.

mvAcquireControl SDK:

Simple tasks (e.g. snap, live, options) can be controlled from VB as these functions are exported by the grabber.dll. However special parameters like e.g. the shutter time or the trigger mode can only be modified interactively. Therefore a configuration dialog can be displayed under Visual Basic. Information about the complete set of functions available under VB for this interface can be found in the manual of the mvAcquireControl SDK in the chapter "The simple interface"


Here most of the HW settings can be controlled via software under Visual Basic. Most of the settings which can be performed can be made via the dynamic property interface of the SDK. Every supported parameter is listed in the document "MatrixVisionReleaseNotes.doc", which can be found in the "bin" folder of the SDK installation. How to work with the dynamic property interface is demonstrated in the sample "property", which is located in the "samplec" folder of the installation in "C".

If the COM wrapper is used under VB the function "SetPropertyByID" MUST be used instead of "DEV_ControlCaps", as the latter function isn"t available in the COM interface.

Certain special functions(like e.g. the compression interface for mvTITAN-C8/C16/2C16 boards) are not supported under Visual Basic in general.

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