How to install and work with 2 mvBlueFOX cameras and LabVIEW on a Windows 7, 64 bit system?

mvBlueFOX, LabVIEW, DirectShow

Windows 7 64 bit installation procedure:

  1. Install vision acquisition software (or simply NI-IMAQdx), and beta_mvBlueFOX-x64.msi package (Note: LabVIEW should have been installed first, if you want to control cameras through it).
  2. Connect both cameras. Make sure that the MATRIX VISION driver recognizes them correctly.
  3. Launch mvDeviceConfigure (x86). Set the cameras in "DirectShow" mode and save configuration (Note: Saving in 64 bit mode is useless, as MAX only runs in 32 bit mode and will not recognizes 64 bit recorded cameras).
  4. Launch MAX.
  5. In "Peripherals & Interfaces", an IMAQ menu does appear and both cameras are displayed.

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