The screen is black after windows boot


This problem can appear either when the horizontal frequency is too high for the connected monitor, or due to a wrong setting in the Lynx3DM control panel.

We set the hotkeys of the Lynx3DM control panel to the following pre defined values which you can blindly use inside windows, even with a black screen:

  • STRG-ALT + C
  • STRG-ALT + L
  • STRG-ALT + S


CRT mode.
Enable this mode allow you to enable eye friendly refresh rates higher than 60 Hz.
Please read the manual of your monitor about the possible horizontal frequency modes.

LCD mode.
Enable this mode will disable the VGA output and therefore windows will bootup in a black screen.

Simultaneous mode.
Enable this mode to activate both, the VGA output and the LCD mode.
This mode force a refresh rate of 60 Hz which cannot be modified.
You can use this mode to be compatible with several TFT displays which can't display higher refres rates but always 60 Hz.

By standard the CRT mode is active.

Changing the display settings with remote maintenance (VNC):

You can find the installation files of the freeware program RealVNC on the second data partition of your mvCAM.
Please boot up windows in safe mode which allow you to operate with windows , even if you have a black screen in the normal boot.

Install RealVNC with the standard settings , enter a password if necessary and reboot the mvCAM back to normal mode.

Now you can access the mvCAM via a remote PC and a vncviewer program to change the display settings.
In case of a too high frequence: Display settings -> Monitor tab otherwise with the hotkeys as desribed above or in the Advanced display settings -> Lynx3DM+ tab.

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