MATRIX VISION’s base library offers elementary functions for:

  • image acquisition,
  • display (e.g. via monitor),
  • image processing
  • file handling

The mvIMPACT Base module is absolutely free in combination with a MATRIX VISION hardware. For network devices like the mvBlueCOUGAR series an additional mvIMPACT USB-Dongle is required.

Standard and extended modules

Additionally, MATRIX VISION offers modules for special image processing tasks, which build on the base library and are divided up into two groups of modules: Standard and Extended; including (in alphabetic order):

To develop with these additional modules,

  • an one-off purchase of a single mvIMPACT Develop license and
  • a single license of the respective module or an unlimited license 

are required.

The license mechanism of the mvIMPACT can be used for user-written modules or to protect the end-user applications, whatever the licensing mode. Licenses are granted on the basis of a hardware key and a registry entry file. This way, licensing over e-mail can be implemented

Single licenses

A single license is linked to a single hardware. This can be a hardware from MATRIX VISION or a mvIMPACT Dongle via parallel interface or via USB.

Unlimited licenses

Unlimited licenses are not linked to a single hardware. With one payment, you can use the licenses for your projects. Additionally, the licenses contain support and updates for the first year. The following years can be managed by support contracts (mvIMPACT Support). The unlimited licenses give the advantage that no license handling like individual key generation has to be done.

mvIMPACT Toolkit

If you need several or all Standard modules, MATRIX VISION offers with mvIMPACT Toolkit a runtime license package including Standard modules.


mvIMPACT Licensing
mvIMPACT Licensing

Subject to change without notice, Date 02/2009