Since 1999 we have been developing cameras. The first cameras was the mvCAM, a smart camera which was available with Windows and Linux operating system. Since then we have managed to expand our portfolio.

In the meantime we offer several camera families divided by interface or type:

  1. mvBlueFOX - the industrial camera series for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision)
  2. mvBlueCOUGAR - the industrial camera series for Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision)
  3. mvBlueLYNX - the smart camera series

There are two new camera families in our portfolio:

  1. Perception camera mvBlueSIRIUS - a 3D camera with perception functionality and 6D data acquisition
  2. mvBlueGEMINI - a smart camera for fast application development without any image processing know-how.

In contrast to consumer cameras, industrial cameras are characterized by a high image quality and a greater robustness. Industrial cameras are used in quality controls using image processing or for surveillance tasks.