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mvBlueGEMINI Starterkit
  • Fitting kits labs, industry and for beginners
  • Smart camera + needed accessories
  • Unpack, connect, and start

The mvBlueGEMINI kits include all components for

  • an optimal access,
  • for fast implementing feasibility studies, and
  • for developing demonstration applications,
  • etc.

The starter kit, for example, contains all necessary hardware with smart camera mvBlueGEMINI, power supply unit, accessories such as I/O box and a lens as well as the mvIMPACT Configration Studio - mvIMPACT-CS for short - the software which enables both users without any programming knowledge and developers without any knowledge of image processing to perform visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently. Without the time-consuming process of selecting individual components the kits offer a perfect development system with an attractive prices.

Just select the suitable kit for your smart camera.

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Exemples de référence produit:

  • Starter kit avec mvBlueGEMINI et du capteur noir et blanc: mvBlueGEMINI-1013G SK
  • Laboratory kit avec mvBlueGEMINI et du capteur noir et blanc mvBlueGEMINI-1013G LK
  • Industry kit avec mvBlueGEMINI et du capteur noir et blanc: mvBlueGEMINI-1013G IK

Variante1G / C
Résolution21280 x 1024
Cadence d'acquisition max. [Hz]360 / 60 / 60
Binning42 / 2 / 2 / 2
Système d'obturateurPipelined / Global
Taille de capteur (en pouces)1/1.8
Taille de pixel [µm]5.3
Temps d'intégration10 µs - 1 s
Résolution ADC / Output10
Sensibilité spectrale /
EMVA 1288 /
Pipelined global shutter in trigger mode
Fabricant du capteurE2V
Référence du capteurEV76C560

1 G = Noir et Blanc, C = Couleur, E = Noir et Blanc & Infrared Enhanced
2 Données du modèle noir et blanc
3 streaming / Mode "Burst" / max. streaming soit avec 2x2 Binning ou Decimation (Horizontal x Vertical)
4 Max. Binning Horizontal / Max. Binning Vertical / Max. Decimation Horizontal / Max. Decimation Vertical Note : Toutes les combinaisons ne sont pas possibles avec les valeurs de binning et decimation.
5 mvDualADCEnable = On, sinon 12
6 Données de mesurage de EMVA1288 du modèle noir et blanc

Starter kit
  • Ring light (LED-RING 22-40-W-M5)

    Ring light, white, coaxial, lf-diameter = 22/40 mm, static, switchable
  • C-mount lens (MV-O1614-FU)

    16 mm focal length, F1.4, 1,5 mpixels, MOD 0.1m
  • Diffusor for ring light (pre-mounte) (DIFFUSOR-RK1220-40)

    Diffusor 40% for ring light
  • 24V power supply unit (MV-DC2430 01.8)

    Power supply for mvBlueGEMINI
  • Attachment ring (pre-mounted) (ATTACHMENT-RING-RK1220)

    Attachment ring diffusor
  • External I/O box (MV-X I/O-BOX)

    For testing and setting up the digital I/Os
  • Adapter ring (pre-mounted) (ADAPTER-RK1220-M25.5)

    Adapter ring lens / ring light
  • Connection cable I/O box mvBlueGEMINI (KS-BG-HR12 01.0)

    Connection cable I/O box mvBlueGEMINI, length 1 m
  • Tripod adapter (MV-TRIPOD ADAPTER GEMINI)
  • Network cable (KS-RJ45-M12-8X 05.0 AL)

    Network cable, length 5m
  • Stand (MV-TRIPOD ARM)
  • mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS)
  • Case
Laboratory kit
  • Network cable (KS-RJ45-M12-8X 05.0 AL)

    Network cable, length 5m
  • 24V power supply unit (MV-DC2401 GEM IO)

    Power supply for mvBlueGEMINI with I/O on separate cable
  • mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS)
Industry kit
  • Network cable (KS-RJ45-M12-8X 10.0 AL)

    Network cable, length 10m
  • Connecteur de câble (KS-M12-PWR-IO 10.0)

    Connection cable with open cable end, UL/CSA, drag chain, length 10m
  • mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS)
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