mvIMPACT SDK is a comprehensive library with high performance algorithms for fast image processing. The library offers a software architecture designed for the future with an object oriented design.

OEMs and system integrators can easily use a huge number of functions for acquisition, processing, enhancement and measurement in their own application. mvIMPACT SDK supports all MATRIX VISION frame grabbers as well as the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX and the standard cameras mvBlueFOX and mvBlueCOUGAR in an optimum way.
  • Optimized tools for machine vision and image analysis
  • Helpful for faster application software development
  • Comprehensive library of image processing tools
  • Optimum support of MATRIX VISION hardware
  • Multi-channel images supported
  • Available for different platforms
  • Fully compatible with mvBlueLYNX
  • Support of C, C++, C# and VisualBasic.NET from Microsoft (supported compilers: Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010)
  • Trial period free of charge for 30 days

Modular concept

Small and well defined single modules allow an easy integration in existing programs. Only the actually required modules have to be included. This modular concept allows mvIMPACT running on tiny embedded systems like mvBlueLYNX.

mvIMPACT - Architecture
mvIMPACT - Architecture

Subject to change without notice, Date 04/2013