Mono for .NET applications

08-03-2013 09:12

With the next firmware version FW1.5 the mvBlueLYNX-X smart camera breaks down the wall between Linux and Windows. Whereas it used to be the case that a cross-compiling environment was the only way to develop on Windows for Linux, Mono can simplify the work flow significantly. Mono is a .NET compliant environment for multi-platform software, i.e. you can

  1. develop mvIMPACT Acquire based applications using the .NET language C# in your familiar Windows environment,
  2. create the binary EXE file and a set of assemblies (*.dll),
  3. copy them to the mvBlueLYNX-X, and
  4. execute the EXE file in the mvBlueLYNX-X directly.

Yes, that’s right! Execute the EXE file directly on Linux – easy, isn’t it?

To guarantee compatibility, the Mono project provides an analysis tool which should be used in the third step of the workflow:



You only have to install 2 IPK packages on the mvBlueLYNX-X so that the mvBlueLYNX-X is ready to execute EXE files:

  1. the Mono environment (mono) and
  2. mvIMPACT Acquire for .NET (mvimpact-acquire-dotnet)

Webcasts about working with mvBlueLYNX-X and Mono are available.

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