mvIMPACT Acquire SDK C++
Migration Guide


In general all mvIMPACT Acquire host drivers claim to support any compliant device with any firmware version running on the device. Whenever this is not the case this page will provide some guidelines on what to do. Apart from that all known compatibility issues are listed here.

Things Affecting Every mvIMPACT Acquire Driver Package

  • The Porting Existing Code section describes general changes in the API and lists what needs to be done when things currently used by an application have been changed/removed.
  • Since mvIMPACT Acquire 2.25.0 mvIMPACT Acquire will no longer serve as a valid license provider for the discontinued mvIMPACT SDK. As a consequence mvIMPACT SDK licenses bound to a specific MATRIX VISION device can only be used with mvIMPACT Acquire packages < 2.25.0. For further guidelines regarding this particular topic please get into contact with the support department of MATRIX VISION.

Migrating Installers

Migrating Installers To mvIMPACT Acquire 2.6.4 Or Higher

Since mvIMPACT Acquire 2.6.4 and the migration to version 2.4 of the GenICam runtime libraries the embedded *.exe installers for the GenICam runtime are no longer shipped. When migrating custom installers that shall support device drivers depending on the GenICam runtime to mvIMPACT Acquire 2.6.4 or greater the GenICamRuntime.msm or GenICamRuntime.x64.msm must be installed instead of the deprecated GenICam_VC80_Win32_i86_v2_3_0.exe or GenICam_VC80_Win64_x64_v2_3_0.exe files. Using these newer merge modules also comes with the advantage, that whenever a new version of the GenICam runtime gets released, this will automatically end up in these files thus custom installers do no longer need to be updated manually.

Migrating Installers To mvIMPACT Acquire 2.8.0 Or Higher

Since mvIMPACT Acquire 2.8.0 all MATRIX VISION MSI packages are built with VisualStudio 2013, and therefore use the Microsoft_VC120_OpenMP OpenMP runtime and Microsoft_VC120_CRT C/C++ runtime. Earlier versions used to be compiled with Visual Studio 2005, meaning that the VC80 counterparts of OpenMP and C/C++ runtime were used.

Migration Guide For GenICam Compliant Device Driver And Firmware Combinations

This section affects only the mvGenTL_Acquire packages and firmware for MATRIX VISION devices that are operated using this package such as GigE Vision, USB3 Vision or other devices operated through the GenICam GenTL interface.

The following host driver and firmware combinations do NOT work together:

mvIMPACT Acquire version MATRIX VISION GenICam device firmware version Details
1.10.95 - 2.6.3 2.14.0 - 2.27.0 A GenICam Device Supporting The 'ValidValueSet' Node Inside Its XML File Cannot Be Initialised
2.15.0 - 2.16.1 1.4.57 - 1.6.5 A GenICam Device With A Floating Enum Entry Node Inside Its XML File Cannot Be Initialised

Potential issues:

Migration Guide For mvBlueFOX Devices And Driver


  • Since mvIMPACT Acquire 2.26.0 the initial mvBlueFOX kernel driver for 32-bit Windows that was removed in version 1.10.66 can no longer be updated to the mvBlueFOX2.sys driver that was added in version 1.6.10 (2006). When you still have 32-bit systems using this old driver use mvDeviceConfigure to update the driver BEFORE migrating to mvIMPACT Acquire 2.26.0 or newer as described in previous releases of this documentation for the mvDeviceConfigure tool.

Additional details about changes in the API and how to port existing code can be found here: Porting Existing Code