mvIMPACT Acquire SDK GUI Applications
About this manual

This manual is meant to give an overview about the GUI tools coming as part of any mvIMPACT Acquire driver package:

  • wxPropView is used to configure devices and acquire images from them, display and modify device/driver properties, perform various image analysis as well as importing/exporting individual images to/from the hard disk and recording video streams.
  • mvDeviceConfigure is used to update the firmware of MATRIX VISION devices, configure the log output of the mvIMPACT Acquire driver stack, assign unique IDs to some MATRIX VISION devices and some other things.
  • mvIPConfigure is used to configure the network behavior of GigE Vision™ devices and examine and resolve network related issues with these.
  • mvGigEConfigure is used to install, remove or configure the MATRIX VISION GigE Vision™ capture filter driver on Windows systems.