MATRIX VISION - mvBlueCOUGAR-X/-XD Technical Documentation
Disabling the heartbeat

The GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP) is an application protocol relying on the UDP transport layer protocol. Because UDP is a connectionless protocol, a recovery mechanism has been defined to detect that one of the two participants has been detached without closing the control channel before. A heartbeat message is used to achieve this.

In the default operation mode, these heartbeat messages are exchanged with a user selectable frequency ("Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> Device Control -> Device Link Heartbeat Timeout"; orange box in Figure 1). As a result, during this interval a certain register (GevCCP = Control Channel Privilege) is read several times from the device to reset the heartbeat timer interval in order to ensure the control channel stays open.

Figure 1: wxPropView - Transport Layer Control
Figure 2: Screenshot of a network analyzer - GVCP Protocol

If the heartbeat bit is set to disable ("Device Link Heartbeat Mode = On"; red box in Figure 1), the transport layer lib will stop reading the GevCCP register periodically. To disable the heartbeat makes sense for at least two scenarios:

In both scenarios, one participant pauses the connection on purpose.

If the heartbeat disable bit is reset again, the transport layer lib will start reading the CCP register periodically again.