MATRIX VISION - mvBlueCOUGAR-X/-XD Technical Documentation
Working with the dual exposure feature ("mvMultiZone") of mvBlueCOUGAR-XD107


The IMX420 used in the mvBlueCOUGAR-XD107 is a Pregius sensor of the third generation. This sensor features a dual exposure mode, i.e. after a trigger event, for example, different image areas can be exposed to light at the same time differently.

To activate the dual exposure mode we introduced a new exposure mode called mvMultiZone.

If this mode is selected you can set the "mv Exposure Horizontal Zone Divider". This property indicates where the zones are divided horizontally. The step size is 12.5%.

The exposure time of the different zones can be specified using the "Exposure Time Selector". Possible zones are

  • mvHorizontalZone0
  • mvHorizontalZone1

Setting the dual exposure using wxPropView

To activate the dual exposure, just

  1. Select mvMultiZone in "Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> Acquisition Control -> Exposure Mode".
  2. Set the "Exposure Time" of each zone by selecting the specific "Exposure Time Selector".
  3. Finally, specify the "mv Exposure Horizontal Zone Divider" (e.g. 50, i.e. you have two equal image halfs).
Figure 1: wxPropView - new Exposure Mode
Figure 2: Example image with two different exposed to light zones

Programming the dual exposure

#include <mvIMPACT_CPP/mvIMPACT_acquire_GenICam.h>

  // more code
  GenICam::AcquisitionControl ac( pDev );
  ac.exposureMode.writeS( "mvMultiZone" );
  ac.exposureTimeSelector.writeS( "mvHorizontalZone1" );
  ac.exposureTime.write( 5000 );
  ac.exposureHorizontalDivider.write( 50 );
  // more code