MATRIX VISION - mvBlueCOUGAR-X/-XD Technical Documentation
Adjusting sensor of camera models -x02e (-1013) / -x04e (-1020)


The HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode of the e2v sensors increases the usable contrast range. This is achieved by adjusting the logarithmic response of the pixels.


MATRIX VISION offers the "mv Linear Logarithmic Mode" to use the HDR mode of the e2v sensors. With this mode you can set the low voltage of the reset signal at pixel level.

Figure 1: Knee-Point of the e2v HDR mode shifts the linear / logarithmic level

You can find the "mv Linear Logarithmic Mode" in "Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> Analog Control":

Figure 2: wxPropView - mv Linear Logarithmic Mode

The following figure shows the measured curves at 2 ms and 20 ms exposure time with four different "mv Linear Logarithmic Mode" settings:

Figure 3: Measured curves

The curves are at Gain 1, lambda = 670 nm (40 nm width), room temperature, nominal power supply values, on a 100 x 100 pixel cantered area.

"mv Linear Logarithmic Mode" value Dynamic max (dB)
T = 2 ms T = 20 ms
4 47 65
5 74 93
6 85 104
7 92 111