MATRIX VISION - mvBlueCOUGAR-X/-XD Technical Documentation
Working With The Serial Interface (mv Serial Interface Control)


As mentioned in GenICam And Advanced Features section of this manual, the mv Serial Interface Control is a feature which allows an easy integration of motor lenses or other peripherals based on RS232.

  • Available message buffer size: 1 KByte
Use the Power GND for the RS232 signal.

Setting up the device

Follow these steps to prepare the camera for the communication via RS232:

Figure 1: wxPropView - mv Serial Interface Control
  1. Start wxPropView
  2. Connect to the camera
  3. Under "Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> mv Serial Interface Control" activate the serial interface by enabling
    "mv Serial Interface Enable" (1).
    Afterwards "mv Serial Interface Control" is available.
  4. Set up the connection settings to your needs (2).
  5. To test the settings you can send a test message (3).
  6. Send messages by executing the function "int mvSerialInterfaceWrite( void )" by either clicking on the 3 dots next to the function name or by right-clicking on the command and then selecting Execute from the context menu.(4)
Please enter a hexadecimal value in mvSerialInterfaceBinaryBuffer.

If you are listening to the RS232 serial line using a tool like PuTTY with matching settings...

Figure 2: PuTTY - Setting up the serial interface

you will see the test message:

Figure 3: PuTTY - Receiving the test message

Programming the serial interface

#include <mvIMPACT_CPP/mvIMPACT_acquire_GenICam.h>

  // more code
  GenICam::mvSerialInterfaceControl sic( pDev );
  sic.mvSerialInterfaceBaudRate.writeS( "Hz_115200" );
  sic.mvSerialInterfaceASCIIBuffer.writeS( "Test Test Test" );
  // more code