MATRIX VISION - mvBlueCOUGAR-X/-XD Technical Documentation
Working with the temperature sensors

The MATRIX VISION devices offer two different temperature sensors:

  • on the sensor board (typically lower)
  • on FGPA board (typically higher)
Figure 1: wxPropView - Device Temperature Selector
Avoid temperatures higher than 80 C by lowering thermal resistance of camera housing to connecting structure active cooling means.

It is possible to regulate the temperature of the camera. The limits of this feature are

  • upper limit (<= 255 C) and
  • lower limit (>= 0 C).

Furthermore, the hysteresis (0,1.5,3,6 C) difference between on/off prevents oscillation. The temperature out of range will set selected output high (see Figure 2). The output can directly drive a fan or a (modest) heating system (but not both due to limit of IC).

Figure 2: wxPropView - Temperature I/O setting