MATRIX VISION - mvBlueFOX3 Technical Documentation
Implementing a hardware-based binarization

If you like to have binarized images from the camera, you can use the hardware-based Look-Up-Tables (LUT) which you can access via "Setting -> Base -> Camera -> GenICam -> LUT Control".

To get binarized images from the camera, please follow these steps:

  1. Set up the camera and the scenery, e.g.

    Figure 1: Scenery

  2. Open the LUT wizard via the menu "Wizards -> LUT Control...".
  3. Export the current LUT as a "*.csv" file.

The "*.csv" file contains just one column for the output gray scale values. Each row of the "*.csv" represents the input gray scale value. In our example, the binarization threshold is 1024 in a 12-to-9 bit LUT. I.e., we have 4096 (= 12 bit) input values (= rows) and 512 (= 9 bit) output values (column values). To binarize the image according to the threshold, you have to

  1. set all values below the binarization threshold to 0.
  2. Set all values above the binarization threshold to 511:

    Figure 2: The binarization LUT

  3. Now, save the "*.csv" file and
  4. import it via the LUT Control wizard.
  5. Click on synchronize and
  6. finally check "Enable".

Afterwards the camera will output binarized images like the following:

Figure 3: Binarized image