MATRIX VISION - mvBlueFOX3 Technical Documentation
mvBlueFOX3-1140 (14 Mpix [4384 x 3288])


The sensor features several acquisition modes ("mv Shutter Mode"):

  • rolling shutter ("mvRollingShutter") and
  • global reset release shutter ("mvGlobalReset").

With the rolling shutter the lines are exposed for the same duration, but at a slightly different point in time:

Figure 1: Rolling shutter

In rolling shutter mode, a doubling of the exposure time clearly leads to a doubling of the gray value:

GrayValueFactor = -------------
Moving objects together with a rolling shutter can cause a shear in moving objects.

The global reset release shutter, which is only available in triggered operation, starts the exposure of all rows simultaneously and the reset to each row is released simultaneously, too. However, the readout of the lines is equal to the readout of the rolling shutter: line by line:

Figure 2: Global reset reslease shutter
The max. exposure time of the global reset release mode is 206ms.

Any triggered operation (like software trigger) leads inevitably to the global reset mode (even if the shutter mode property is still set to "mvRollingShutter").

This means, the bottom lines of the sensor will be exposed to light longer! For this reason, this mode will only make sense, if there is no ambient light and the flash duration is shorter or equal to the exposure time.

Thus, the gray value factor of the first line, which is similar to the one of the rolling shutter, is different to the factor of the last line:

                              ExposureTime2 + FrameTime
GreyValueFactor (last line) = -------------------------
                              ExposureTime1 + FrameTime

With 80 MHz, for example, the FrameTime is about 194 ms. I.e, doubling from e.g. 1ms to 2ms won't be visible effectively.

Feature Description
Manufacturer Aptina
Sensor name MT9F002
Max. frames per second 6
Device Structure CMOS image sensor
SNRmax [dB]1/ 35.1
DNR (normal / HDR) [dB]1/ 57.3 / -
Image size 1/2.3
Number of effective pixels 4608 (H) x 3288 (V)
Unit cell size 1.4µm (H) x 1.4µm (V)
ADC resolution / output 12 bit → 8/10/(12)

1 Measured accord. to EMVA1288 with gray scale version of the camera

Spectral Sensitivity

Figure 3: Spectral sensitivity mvBlueFOX3-1140C


Name Value
PixelClock 96.88
VerticalBlank 15

Free running mode

To calculate the maximum frames per second (FPSmax) in free running mode you will need following formula:

            (ImageHeight * (    4702    )) + (VerticalBlank *      4702    )
FrameTime =                 ------------                       ------------
                             PixelClock                         PixelClock

FPS_max =   ----------------

Snapshot mode

To calculate the maximum frames per second (FPSmax) in snapshot mode you will need following formula:

            (ImageHeight * (    4702    )) + (VerticalBlank *      4702    )
FrameTime =                 ------------                       ------------
                             PixelClock                         PixelClock

FPS_max =   ----------------

Frame rate calculator

Frame rate calculator
Mode: Overlapping exposure and readout
Image bit depth:

Pixel clock: 96.88 MHz
Image width: pixels
Image height: pixels
Exposure time: us
Device throughput: Device Sensor Throughput
Device Link Throughput
Link speed:
Frame rate (max): 1/s

Device Feature And Property List