The MATRIX VISION programming interface is now available for .NET

The mvBlueLYNX-X news gave you a clue already: the MATRIX VISION programming interface mvIMPACT Acquire is now available for the .NET environment. Develop your application using C#, for example, and you can benefit from several advantages:

  • The .NET implementation was realized in C# completely and is compliant with Mono, a multi-platform implementation of .NET.
    For this reason you can create EXE files on Windows and run them on Linux.

  • In contrast to the present mvIMPACT SDK .NET implementation in the mvIMPACT_NET.acquire namespace, you have now direct access to the acquired data and you can even acquire data into managed memory.

  • The mvIMPACT Acquire .NET implementation is now an independent library.
    For this reason you can now use mvIMPACT Acquire as an image acquisition interface together with a third-party image processing library.

  • mvIMPACT Acquire for .NET offers helper classes with exclusive functionality for .NET.
    With the RequestProvider class, for example, you can realize a simple continuous acquisition which uses your presets.

  • The .NET documentation was revised and offers a better overview.

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