===================================================================== Version info MV_LabVIEW_SDK ===================================================================== 24.09.2009 2.6.7 UPDATE: Converted into LabVIEW 6.1 format as LabVIEW versions from 8.5 onwards refuses to load LabVIEW 5.x VIs. === CD2008/B === === CD2008/A === === CD2007/A === 08.11.2006 2.6.6 NEW VIs: MV_SetupTrigger.vi, MV_GetTriggerState.vi === CD2006/B === 09.08.2006 2.6.5. UPDATE: Workspaces for the CIN files are now configured as suggested by NI(tm). 28.07.2006 2.6.4 RECOMPILED CIN Sources with VS 2003 compiler. UPDATE: Removed VS 2005 projects and workspace and replaced by equivalent VS 2003 files as the stuff compiled with VS 2005 didn't work under LabVIEW 8. === CD2006/A === 14.02.2006 2.6.3 UPDATE: MV_GetImageData.vi execution speed optimised. 13.02.2006 2.6.2 UPDATE: MV_GetImageDataXXBit.vi execution speed optimised. 09.02.2006 2.6.1 RECOMPILED CIN Sources with VS 2005 compiler. UPDATE: Added missing shortcut to Test_MV_SnapQueueTimeMeassure.vi to programs menu entry. UPDATE: Added VS 2005 workspace and project for CIN source code to setup. Modified source code to be compilable with VS 2005. BUGFIX: MV_GetImageData8Bit.vi allocated too much memory (Bug introduced in version 2.6.0). 30.01.2006 2.6.0 NEW BEHAVIOUR: MV_GetImageData8Bit.vi can also be used to return any type of image now. If e.g. 24 bits per pixel RGB data is requested, the returned image will be three times as wide as the camera image. 3 consecutive bytes then contain R, G and B of one pixel. NEW VIs: MV_GetExposeState.vi, MV_SetupExpose.vi 12.01.2006 2.5.1 UPDATE: As the handling of the executions options for VIs changed from LabVIEW version 7.1 onwards the MV_Close.vi didn't seem to work properly anymore. The execution options for this VI have been set to 'non-blocking' and 'not re-entrant' now. === CD2005/C === === CD2005/B === 31.05.2005 2.5.0 NEW VI: MV_SetShutterTime.vi 18.03.2005 2.4.0 NEW VIs: MV_SelCamera.vi, Test_MV_SelCamera.vi to select a different camera definition. BUGFIX: Memleak in MV_WriteDigitalOutputs.vi. 11.03.2005 2.3.1 BUGFIX: New VIs added in version 2.3.0 added to setup. === CD2004/C === 17.08.2004 2.3.0 NEW VIs: MV_ReadDigitalInputs, MV_WriteDigitalOutputs, MV_Test_DigitalIOs.vi UPDATE: Complete revision of the source code structure. Global workspace in root dir defined, removed all other workspaces. === CD2004/B === === CD2004/A === 03.03.2004 2.2.1 BUGFIX: COL_YC color modes moved to 16 bit section in MV_GetBytesPerPixel.vi === CD2003/A === === CD2003/B === 21.08.2003 2.2.0 NEW VI: MV_SetColorMode.vi: Selects a different colour mode for the acquisition. BUGFIX: Missing colour mode COL_GREY16 added to MV_GetBytesPerPixel.vi. 11.08.2003 2.1.10 BUGFIX: MV_MultiSnap.vi: Offset to next image in the snap table (CIN source) calculation corrected. 09.07.2003 2.1.9 NEW VI: MV_Test_SnapQueueTimeMeassure.vi: If your grabber supports queued snaps (see manual), this VI demonstrates how to acquire real time image data, which is available for processing. NEW VI: MV_Test_Snap_and_Save_8bit.vi: Shows one way how to save 8-bit greyscale images into a bitmap file. NEW VI: MV_Test_Snap_and_Save_24bit.vi: Shows one way to save acquired true colour images into a bitmap file. UPDATE: Documentation updated. 24.03.2003 2.1.8 MV_Close.vi changed: Now the Instance pointer is set to 'NULL' === CD2003/A === 10.03.2003 2.1.7 Setup changed: ocx component is now registered silently NEW VI: Test_MV_SnapAsyncIntoActiveX.vi. 02.12.2002 2.1.6 NEW VI: MV_GetImageNo. Can be used to access image data produced with MV_Record.vi or MV_SelSnapBuffer.vi. NEW VI: MV_SelSnapBuffer. For image acquisition into different buffers NEW VI: MV_SetDisplayWindow. For defining a windows control to display the images in NEW VIs: MV_Test_SnapAsyncEx, MV_Test_SnapIntoActiveX. Show how to use the new VIs. With MV_Test_SnapAsyncEx it is possible to acquire live images even when the data is copied into LabVIEW data arrays. 28.11.2002 2.1.5 NEW VIs: MV_Record, MV_ShowImage. These VIs make use of the recording function of the MVAcquireControl. Sequences can be recorded and displayed within LabVIEW or by using the external preview window of the MVAcquireControl NEW SAMPLE: MV_RecordAndShow. This sample introduces the new VIs of this version 27.11.2002 2.1.4 NEW VI: MV_Interpreter. Now the command interpreter of the MVAcquireControl can be accessed directly under LabVIEW. NEW VIs: MV_MultipleSnap and MV_GetMultiSnapImagexxxbit. These functions make the mvMultipleSnap functionality available under LabVIEW. With this mechanism image sequences can be acquired into the frame grabbers DMA buffer in real time. RENAMED: Sample Test_MV_Multiple_Snap.vi to Test_MV_MultipleBoards.vi. NEW SAMPLE: Test_MV_MultipleSnap.vi, Test_MV_Interpreter.vi NEW VI: MV_GetBytesPerPixel. This VI returns the bits and bytes per pixel depending on the selected color mode 26.08.2002 2.1.3 MV_GrabOptions-VI and sample, which uses this VI (MV_Test_Snap_With_Options.vi) added. Now settings can be changed during the execution of the VI. Functions like the command interpreter of the MVAcquireControl can be used in LabVIEW application now. 16.08.2002 2.1.2 MV_SetLowpassFreq added, new sample to create histograms from sections of the image added. Manual updated. New sample, which shows how to declare a ROI with IMAQ-VIs added (Test_MV_With_IMAQ_Processes_And_ROI.vi). === CD2002/D === 23.07.2002 2.1.1 MV_Open.vi and MV_Continous.vi changed. Now the upper right terminal of each VI is the pointer to the IAcquireControl structure. Documentation updated and added to installation. New sample added (Test_MV_With_IMAQ_Processes.vi) which shows how to perform image processing with using IMAQ-Vision algorithm blocks. All front panels redesigned. 12.07.2002 2.1 Method of image acquisition changed. Both snap and snap async. now don't do any data copying into LabVIEW anymore. This is done now by one of the MV_GetImage-VIs. New samples added: 10-bit acquisition, true colour acquisition. Frontpanels have been brushed up a bit. 11.07.2002 2.0.2 Registration of MV_ImageViewer added, MV_Snap32bit.vi added, MV_Test_Snap32bit.vi added, bugfix, MV_SelChannel.vi changed 04.07.2002 2.0.1 MV_WaitForSnap.vi: timeout added, DualSnapAsync.vi added, MV_Test_DualSnapAsync.vi added === CD2002/C === 27.06.2002 2.0 initial new version before 1.0 old LabVIEW SDK without multiple board support