These plugins do not belong to the standard installation of the mvAcquireControl, but may be of some use when working with certain cameras. The functions can be used by copying the corresponding DLL file into the %systemroot%\Matrix\plugin folder. The next time the frame grabber is initialised with the mvAcquireControl, the function(s) will be selectable from the list box of the processing tab, if the current frame grabber supports the features implemented in the processing function. Please note, that these plugins have been thoroughly tested but even though they are still beta versions. If you notice something unusual about these DLLs please let use know ( Currently these additional plugins are avaiable: - FL301.DLL for the Basler L301 to adjust the offsets of the separate color channels. - FAVIIVAC2.DLL for the AVIIVA C2 from Atmel for adjusting the gain and the offset of the separate color channels and to simulate the interpolated 4096 pixel read out mode. - FGAMMA.DLL performs a gamma correction to the image. Each pixel or color components is processed using the following formula: newValue = maxPossibleValue * actualValue^gamma ------------------------------------- maxPossibleValue^gamma