Question Date  
What's the field of view (FOV) of the mvBlueSIRIUS? 20.09.2017
What is the depth accuracy of the 3D camera mvBlueSIRIUS? 08.05.2017
What is the maximum capture distance of the 3D camera mvBlueSIRIUS? 08.05.2017
What are the main applications of your camera of the 3D camera mvBlueSIRIUS? 14.10.2015
What is the material limitations for the depth figure obtained by the 3D camera mvPerCAM? How about hair, color black, with clothes and mirrors? 14.10.2015
Where does the mvBlueSIRIUS process the depth figure? In the PC or in the camera? 14.10.2015
What is a .pi file, which is called via MV6D_DeviceOpen in the sample porgrams? 14.10.2015
Are the processing delegated to either GPU or CPU needed to generate all the data (depth for example) contained in MV6D_RequestBuffer? 14.10.2015
Is there a list of GPU’s that are supported? 14.10.2015
If the host PC has GPU, what is the preferred device with MV6D_ANY_DEVICE? 14.10.2015
If the host PC has no GPU, what should I use? MV6D_ANY_DEVICE or MV6D_ANY_CPU? 14.10.2015
What is the unit of the focal length in MV6D_RequestBuffer::focalLength? 14.10.2015
How are x and y of the coordinate system are calculated? 14.10.2015
Are the data returned by MV6D_RequestBuffer::depthMapped.pData points specified in meters related to in the world coordinate? How is the world coordinate system positioned? 14.10.2015
Using MV6D_DeviceResultWaitFor – does this function always returns the most recent frame after the last call? 14.10.2015
What Projector is used with mvBlueSIRIUS? 14.10.2015