=============================================================================================== Version info mvIMPACT-CS firmware =============================================================================================== Date: Release: Changes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09.01.2020 2.6.0 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS: - New TCP/UDP/RS232 protocol - Status messages can be disabled. - Message format changed such that messages are shorter. - Nagle's algorithm disabled when sending TCP-messages (socket option TCP_NODELAY set). - New tool Calibrate robot - Guides through neccessery steps to calibrate a robot utilizing a remote robot controller. - Setup camera tool extensions and improvements - Added two new calibration plates in 1000mm/DIN-A0 and 640/DIN-A1 sizes. - Added targets for robot calibration on calibration plates. - Check object tool extensions and improvements - New output properties to indicate the total area and number of defects. - Behaviour of the tool result has been changed such that it results in an error only if one of its result properties exceeds its tolerance range. Functionality of older inspection programs remains unchanged. - Sensitivity property is scaled differently to provide a better resolution in Intensity mode. - Sensitivity property is now represented by an integer. Older properties are converted and scaled accordingly. - Rejected values for Sensitivity property are reasoned with proper user messages. - Value for Critical Defect Size property is preloaded with reasonable values after training. - Property Critical Defect Size can be set for both modes individually. - Changed property names for "Critical Defects" to "Defects", "Minimum Defects" to "Warnings". Renamed derivated element names accordingly. - Brightness tool extensions and improvements - Added new output property Homogeneity to provide a measure for distribtion of gray value levels. - Filter tool extensions and improvements - Error messages for expert mode filter are more granular and detailed. - Send results and receive data extensions and improvements - The absolute offset of each element is displayed in the tool settings page. - Additional features and improvements - A new status information exists which informs the user whether the File Device or the Simulation mode in the Communication Settings of the System Settings is active. This is information is also graphically highlighted in the browser GUI. - The report error status information is also supported by the fieldbus protocol. - The time zone offset in the system settings tab is replaced by time zone regions. User interaction is required for setting the correct region. - Non functional improvements - In the browser GUI, the default image view mode is changed to the mode which automatically scales the resulting image to fit the space available on the user interface. - The image zoom in the browser GUI can now be set by means of a combo box. It is also possible to enter a user-defined zoom value. - Faster start up time on Smartcamera. COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - TCP/UDP/RS232 Communication - Commands using the old message format will not be processed - Check object tool - Smart properties Critical Defect Size, Minimal Defect Size and Sensitivity have been changed to static properties. While importing an old inspection, static values (i.e. no references, no operators) are converted automatically. - Automatic setting of date and time on client connection to ICS - If a NTP server is used to determine the date and time of the system, the date and time as well as the time zone of ICS will not be set on client connection automatically, but can be set by hand by pressing the "Synchronize" button. BUG FIXES - General tool behaviour - Transferring actual value to nominal value does no longer activate positive tolerance if negative tolerance was already active. - Setup camera tool - Fixed: Setting of white balance area is only possible inside the image section AOI even if this is not activated. - Check object tool - Value of Minimal Defect Size property can't be larger than value of Critical Defect Size property and vice versa. - Code reader tool - Fixed: Training of barcodes sporadically failed. - Memory usage information - Fixed: memory usage information displayed on Smart Camera was incorrect. - TCP/UDP/RS232 Communication - TCP messages are processed and sent only after connect message was received and only until disconnect message is received - User specified endianness for fieldbus is stored, even if temporarily a communication protocoll that supports only little endian is used - Big endian can no longer be selected for RS232, since it is, and actually was never, supported - Browser compability on touch devices - The usage of the client software on mobile devices has been fixed. Supported browsers are Safari 12, Chrome 73, Firefox 68, and Firefox Mobile on iOS 20. KNOWN ISSUES - Setting of single white balance is only possible with trigger mode continuous and in loop mode. - The status information signal System Error is not set in case of an invalid inspection. For obtaining the active state of the inspection program, the status information signal Running can be used. - When changing to the File Device, the device I/Os cannot be set or retrieved. That means, that the status of the simulation mode cannot be obtained by means of digital outputs when the file device is active. Yet, this state is transferred by UDP, TCP, and fieldbus communication. - The configuration of device IOs takes significant time. When modifying several logical IO settings in a consecutive manner, the update of the respective GUI elements is delayed. - After deleting a line with a broken tool connection in tool "Send results", the tool status remains invalid even if all remaining lines are valid. Workaround: Apply any change to a value in a line to get the tool status valid, then undo the change. - Under rare circumstances, identical errors, that have been accumulated while no client was connected, will all be displayed in a grid view. 27.08.2019 2.5.1 BUG FIXES - Fixed: Serial port was erroneously selectable in windows version. - Fixed: Saving an image caused the software to crash. - Fixed: Rebooting the camera while a triggered inspection program or one containing flash outputs is running caused an inconsistent state, resulting in the inability to start the inspection program. - Fixed: The default AOI in Locator tool is now independent of the position of the reference point. A new AOI is created only when a new model is trained. KNOWN BUGS - Setting of single white balance is only possible with trigger mode continuous and in loop mode. - Setting of white balance area is only possible inside the image section AOI even if this is not activated. Workaround: activate image section, set AOI to full image, deactivate it, then the white balance area will be available for the full image area. - Using the "repair" option of the Windows PC version installer breaks the background service for detecting the license dongle. Without the dongle detection the software does not start. Workaround: use the "remove" option instead and re-install the msi package. - Selecting the "Serial" protocol in the communication settings leads to abnormally high CPU usage. 24.07.2019 2.5 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS: - Digital I/O improvements - Switch from hardware driven I/O logic to inspection driven I/O logic. - I/O configurations can be added by the user and connected to hardware I/O's. - Smart fields with I/O connections stay intact when changing to file device or to another camera. - Setup camera tool improvements - Checkbox added to switch between image section and full image. - Find object tool extensions and improvements - Model contours displayed overlaying the object match in the image. - The tool is now able to work on rotated images, thus two Find object tools can be used consecutively. - Improved graphical feedback to enable easy tolerance analysis. - Code reader tool extensions and improvements - Code quality assessment now as well available according to ISO/IEC TR 29158. - Up to 255 codes can be read with a single tool. - New output property for code module size. - New output property for mirrored 2D codes. - Check blobs tool extensions and improvements - Wizard definable free-shaped search mask replaces rectangular search area. - New interactive histogram display of gray value distribution. - Receive data tool extensions and improvements - Option to generate a tool error when input data is read more than once. - Additional features - New License Dongle (White "Smart Vision") needed for Windows PC Version. - Camera selection dialog now works for Windows PC version with more than one network interface. Only networks reachable from the current connected client are displayed. - A new status flag when reports could not be sent was added for SmartCamera. - The inspection runtime is shown on the monitor page and can be selected as a statistics entry on the statistics page. - Non functional improvements - Image Toolbar now fixed on top of the image. Gray and color values as well as the image pixel coordinates are now displayed below the image. - Improved speed of inspection programs that take less than 200 ms. - Improved speed of check object tool if defect areas are not displayed in monitor mode. - Improved speed of the client rendering even in situations of inspection programs with a larger number of tools. COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - From now on the white "Smart Vision" Dongles are needed to start Release 2.5 on Windows PC. Backups from earlier versions < 2.5 still need the orange MvTec Dongle to run. BUG FIXES - Measurements that can't be created due to low contrast of an edge now cause clear error message instead of inconsistent tool state. - Time of inspection results under Windows are sometimes wrong, depending on timezone and daylight saving time. KNOWN BUGS - Setting of single white balance is only possible with trigger mode continuous and in loop mode. - Setting of white balance area is only possible inside the image section AOI even if this is not activated. Workaround: activate image section, set AOI to full image, deactivate it, then the white balance area will be available for the full image area. - Using the "repair" option of the Windows PC version installer breaks the background service for detecting the license dongle. Without the dongle detection the software does not start. Workaround: use the "remove" option instead and re-install the msi package. - Selecting the "Serial" protocol in the communication settings leads to abnormally high CPU usage. 14.03.2019 2.4 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS: - Code Reader tool extensions and improvements - Expert and beginner split with new organization of parameters - Optimized code search and identification approach - New search approach options for speed/robustness optimization - Select the code types via list, not any more via smart field - Sorting of multiple codes to get a reliable output - Target values and tolerances for X/Y position and rotation angle - Specific quality values of codes made available - Improved user feedback for training - Check Blobs tool extensions - Fill blob holes - Ignore blobs at the border of image or AOI - Find Object tool extension - Move reference point of identified object - Additional Features - Software licensing added to Smart Camera (WIBU) - When using the file device, it is now possible to upload images to be used in the inspection program - The export of statistical data as a comma-separated values (CSV) file is now supported - Extension on reports: Option to imprint the file name of the output image into the bitmap data - Calibration sheets now include the label and the manual verification mark to check print scaling - The SMB protocol for reports is now also available on Smart Camera - Non functional improvements - Reduction of delay times with very long inspection programs - All access passwords typed in the software GUI are now invisible - All stored passwords are now encrypted - Added various user messages rendered below a text field in cases of erroneous user input - The coordinates of graphics primitives are not shown in the result table on the config page any more COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - New Smart Cam version needs a Wibu license. This is automatically installed with the new R2.4 SW. Even with this new license introduction there is no problem when downgrading back to 2.3. - After R2.4 upgrade there is a login and password required to access external Samba share, in order to support Windows PCs which do not allow "Guest Access" to a shared folder. It is recommended to re-start the PC running under Windows for the case there was an update done to R2.4 from R2.3 and afterwards back to R2.3. After such downgrade the Samba4 will be still available but there will be no further password request done. VARIOUS FIRMWARE IMPROVEMENTS - It is now always necessary to use a login and password ("expert"/"expert") to access the shared folders on a camera or SVC. This allows Windows with "Guest Access" disabled to access the folders. See "Compatibility to previous versions" above. BUG FIXES - Angle range from -180 to 180 in tool Check Blobs is now properly handled - Fixed possible problem deleting composite measurements in tool Measure Object - Fixed the visualization of the correct help page when leaving the wizard - Fixed issues related to the log files download link in the system settings - Fixed the mask reset on wizard pages allowing the user to define regions by means of a painted mask - Fixed issues when deselecting an image of the file device image batch in the setup camera tool KNOWN BUGS - Calibration can't be used with an AOI -IP-Addresses can be displayed incorrectly in system menu "Select system" if the software runs on Windows PC with more than one network adapter. As a result, connection from this dialog will not be possible in this case -Setting of single white balance is only possible with trigger mode continuous and in loop mode -The combination of two Set Outputs tools within a single inspection program might result in incomplete pulses when duration of the inspection program and delay of the output pulse are similar 22.11.2018 2.3 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS: - Measure Tool Improvements: - Select edge and modify its characteristics - Switch polarity of a selected edge - Switch direction of the selected edge - Optimize output of angular information - More Reporting Functions: - FTPS Protocol Support - Several kind of Reports will be ported to network - Cyclic or any other random sample reporting will be supported - Backup: - Create complete Backup on Smart Camera - Restore complete functionality including the inspection programs - More BLOB tool functions: - New parameters are offered on BLOB Tools as special second level choice - Sum of pixels of identified BLOB object will be calculated - Special expert functions for "Find Object" Tool: - Fixed polarity of selected edge - Acceptance of overlap - Number of objects per trained type - Objects with "Find Objects" and BLOB Tool can now be sorted - Image pixel gray value and color values will be shown when mouse will move over image - Error Messages on startup failure have been improved - Windows version now opens browser immediately after software has started. - Calibration is now available for all platforms - Windows version now works with (and needs) a Wibu license. - Installer now installs the camera driver too. COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - New Windows PC version needs a Wibu license. Existing HALCON dongles have to be updated - Direction of angle measurements in "Measure object" is now fixed based on the edges in the reference image - Measure tools will be removed from an inspection program, when loaded into a legacy software version VARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS - LLMNR protocol supported - helps to find cameras on the network using only the name - Camera only: IPv6 SLAAC support improvements - Camera only: improved network autonegotiation BUG FIXES - Fixed the overtrigger status in situations of high frequency hardware triggering - Only first inserted tool "Find object" could be cloned - Calculation of hue in "Check color" has been fixed - Fixed tolerance evaluation of angles in "Measure object" - Fix flash still enabled after stop execution - Fix IO pulse and delay still enabled after stop execution KNOWN BUGS - Calibration can't be used with an AOI - IP-Addresses can be displayed incorrectly in system menu "Select system" if the software runs on Windows PC with more than one network adapter. As a result, connection from this dialog will not be possible in this case - Setting of single white balance is only possible with trigger mode continuous and in loop mode - The combination of two Set Outputs tools within a single inspection program might result in incomplete pulses when duration of the inspection program and delay of the output pulse are similar 15.05.2018 2.2.1 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS - Unchanged since 2.2.0 COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - New version (extended) may not be downgraded to previous versions (2.1.2 and before), since mvIMPACT-CS would not start (mvBlueGEMINI only). BUG FIXES - Fixed slow jpeg compression due to disabled hardware support. (mvBlueGEMINI only) - Fixed temporary stop of inspection program execution due to unplugging network cable. KNOWN BUGS - Unchanged since 2.2.0 except for fixes noted above. 13.04.2018 2.2 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS - New version (extended) for mvBlueGEMINI and PC. - New Tool "HALCON Script" (Extended versions only). - PC version can now work with digital IOs of connected camera (including delay and pulse). - Windows installer does now add the necessary license file during installation. - In Tool "Measure object" measured distance lines can be used as basis for further measurements. - In Tool "Measure object" the type of measurement can now be preselected by the user. - Added Tool "Filter image" to quality and identification versions. - New button for updating list of available cameras in Tool "Set up camera" (PC version only). - New button for information about used camera in Tool "Set up camera". (PC version only). - New button for updating standard camera firmware in Tool "Set up camera" (PC version only). - PC version can now handle individual calibrations for multiple camera. - Increased number of images that can be viewed in monitor mode. - All MV standard cameras can now be calibrated. - User can now specify part of main memory to be used for mvIMPACT-CS instance. (PC version only). - mvIMPACT-CS now warns if system is running low on main memory. - Loading new default inspection program, if loading of selected program fails. - Increased maximum size for AOIs to positions from -5815 to 5815. - Filename for reports is now individual for each inspection program and can be defined by the user. - Usage of optimized camera driver settings. COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - No known issues. BUG FIXES - Calibration deviation is no longer shown when calibration failed. - Tool "Read text" no longer shows old output image when input image is empty. - Windows Installer no longer shows warning because of unknown vendor. - Tool "Find object" always finds trained object during search on same image. - Fixed visualization of arrow in angle measurement in Tool "Measure object". - Removed temperature entry from PC version. - Jumps of rotation angle from 180 to 360 in Tool "Find code" have been fixed. - Fixed several bug concerning negative time zones. - AOI of Tool "Set up camera" is now transformed correctly if rotation or mirror/flip are changed. - Date is now displayed correctly on system settings page. - Floating point values can again be typed in for languages other than German or English. - No trigger alert if loop in config mode was stopped. - Fixed memory leaks in Tools "Find object" and "Check object". - Input connections tools are now reset if tools are moved before Tool "Get image". - Tool "Measure object" does now handle invalid calibrations correctly. - Update packages work even if they contain spaces in the file name. - The decimal separator of real numbers is now determined by the browser language and was made unique for all editors. - Applying background and reference images of differing sizes in Tool "Find object" is now prevented. - mvIMPACT-CS no longer crashes when removing the last measurement out of at least three measurements using the same primitive. KNOWN BUGS - In rare cases single images of GigE Vision cameras can be dropped. 30.11.2017 2.1 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS - Added new tool "Filter image" - Added new tool "Check blobs" - If a tool fails, its result message and possibly the failure causing output property is displayed in Monitor Mode regardless of its monitoring settings - Quick navigation among failing inspection results is now possible by buttons on the monitor page - Duplication of tools - Editing masks is possible on touch displays - Reading Timeout of tool "Read code" can be set by the user - Acquisition Timeout is handled internally and hidden from the user - No automatic image acquisition when configuring tool "Set up camera" - User can now specify exact endpoints for line line distance measurements - Angles smaller 20 can be measured - Intersection of lines can be used as a starting point for distance measurements - Added default name for objects in tool "Find object" - Output LED can now be assigned to an arbitrary digital IO - Tool "Set outputs" shows the current input parameter values in the results table - Tool "Measure object" now allows measurements to the image border - Extension of the "Set up camera" tool with the functions to mirror and rotate the image - mvIMPACT-CS runs on PC - mvIMPACT-CS can be used with mvBlueFOX-3 and mvBlueCOUGARs - mvIMPACT-CS can run multiple times in parallel (on same PC) - Adjustment of maximum AOI size in the configuration tool "Set up camera" to the camera sensor - mvIMPACT-CS uses additional camera parameters that are configured with wxPropView COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Acquisition timeout is set to infinity when old inspection programs are loaded - Line-line-measurements created with previous versions are deleted - Output LED is deactivated by default - Tool "Find object" that was trained on calibrated images returns differently transformed images now BUG FIXES - Tool "Set outputs" is now always updated when an input changed to an output - Results of tool "Find object" are visible in the result table under all circumstances - Code39 is now found inside and outside the wizard similarly - Tool "Send results" now sends default values when a tool is skipped - Tool "Check focus" handles empty images properly - No measurements are lost when inspection programs created with previous versions are loaded - Tool "Read code" can read QR code of type 1 - Mask in tool "Measure object" is now stationary if image is transformed in previous tool - Mask in tool "Measure object" can now be modified with slow trigger signals - Regular expressions handle "[" and "]" correctly again - When activating calibration tool "Find object" now transforms the image correctly - Wizards pages with reference images now work correctly even if current input image is empty - Empty entry for "Text / expression" in tool "Read text" no longer results in a crash - Mean and deviation values are shown again on the statistics page - Fixed bug with endless splash screen when loading previously selected tool fails on reboot of camera - Fixed jumps in orientation of codes for tool "Read code" - Fixed possible crashes after deleting training data in tool "Measure object" - Fixed loading of statistics data on change of inspection program - Rare cases where angular measurements in tool "Measure object" could not be created correctly are fixed - Fixed DigIO direction switching - Fixed image rectification with activated AOI KNOWN BUGS - Browser Microsoft Edge has memory leaks when displaying Monitor page and is not recommended for long-duration use - All supported browsers have memory leaks when displaying Statistics page 01.09.2017 2.0 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS - Extended the export of result images to FTP server by bmp files in addition to jpeg files. - Inspection duration time does no longer contain the time waiting for the trigger. - New version does now support color (requires color sensor). - Added new tool "Check color" which assures hue, saturation and intensity of color images to be in a given range. - Tool "Set up camera" can now perform auto white balance and single shot white balance (requires color sensor). - Tool "Set up camera" can now rectify the input image to remove lens distortion. (requires gray sensor) - Tool "Find object" does now output world coordinates if camera is calibrated. - Tool "Check focus" has new parameter "Noise reduction". - Tool "Check focus" was sped up about 20% to 90%. - Tool "Check lightness" was sped up about 90%. - Tool "Read text" was sped up about 20%. - Tool "Check object" was sped up about 25%. - Tool "Measure object" was sped up about 50%. - Tool "Read code" has now default timeout of 2,5s when searching for codes without user defined timeout. - Tool "Read code" does now output world coordinates if camera is calibrated. - Added Run condition to all tools, which specifies under which circumstances the tool should run. This allows to define several branches within one inspection program. - Added Polish translation. - Monitor-Mode keeps old NOK images even if newer OK images have already been deleted. - Tool "Set outputs" now allows to retain any output's state unmodified. - Digital outputs can now be delayed. - Triggers can now be delayed. - Tool "Measure object" now allows to define a mask in wizard mode. Masked areas are more intensively scanned for edge features. - Removed property "Activate Timeout" from Tool "Read code". - Remaining disk space is displayed. COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Trigger modes have been reduced to continuous, level and edge. Some of the previously available settings were moved to the system settings. BUG FIXES - The initial teach mask with full image size (e.g. in Check focus) do now also work for rotated images. - Fixed numerical instability on the statistics page when calculating standard deviation on constant values. - Fixed crash if an out of memory error occurs while searching for codes in Tool "Read code". - Fixed timing issues with status bit "Run". - Tool "Read code" is now OK if code quality could not be determined. - User feedback is given if saving an image via the save button fails because the image is no longer available. - Fixed crash if selected tool is corrupt on file system. - Fixed bug in "Measure object" when error occurred while searching for objects in wizard. - Concatenated TCP packets can now be handled. - Tool "Read code" does only return the left-to-right result of a read Pharma code. - Tools outputs with names containing [ ] can now be used as inputs to other tools. - Input angle of "Read text" can now handle all output angles of other tools. - Tool "Measure object" can now measure objects on whole image for transformed input images. KNOWN BUGS - Tool "Read code" can't read QR code of (deprecated) type 1. - Browser Microsoft Edge has memory leaks when displaying Monitor page and is not recommended for long-duration use. - All supported browsers have memory leaks when displaying Statistics page. - Editing mask via touch displays not fully supported. 17.05.2017 1.4.1 COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Non existent input image of a tool causes specific result message instead of tool processing error BUG FIXES - Memory leak in tool "Read code" if unsuccessfully searching for a QR code - Restriction of tolerances and set values in Tool "Measure object" was incorrectly affected by first measurement entry - Repeated occurrences of the same error caused multiple message boxes - Bug when selecting an expression of a formula from the drop-down list - Superfluous lines removed in visualization of inspection results - Memory leaks when using Internet Explorer KNOWN BUGS - Tool "Read code" can't read QR code of type 1 05.04.2017 1.4 NEW FUNCTIONS / TOOLS - Camera can now be calibrated using the new wizard in "Set up camera" Tool - "Find object" tool now allows to find multiple objects within one image - Digital outputs can now be pulsed - New simulation mode for "Receive data" and "Read inputs" tools - Tool "Check object" now allows to also modify the minimum defect size - Tool "Check brightness" now displays the pixels which are in- and outside the given brightness range - "Measure object" offers much more circles to measure with - Overall speed was improved - Communication over TCP is now supported - Tool "Read text" now supports the new fonts "Universal" (better quality but slower) and "Dot Print" - New command for writing user message into user.log via UDP and TCP - Branding can be disabled in Settings - Name of the active inspection program gets displayed during monitoring - Creation and last change date of inspection program are now displayed inside the "manage inspection programs" dialog - Tool "Find object" can be set to ignore any rotation - Increased size limit when exporting inspection programs from 20 MB to 100 MB - When adding tools they always automatically link to a proper image COMPATIBILITY TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Smart fields in tool "Check brightness" were replaced by range-based value boxes - New version of HALCON is now in use. This results in: - Inspection programs created or saved with this software version cannot be imported by older software versions - Re-training of Tools "Find object" and "Check object" may lead to slightly different results in rare cases - Optimized font classification in Tool "Read Text" may lead to a slightly different result - Removed AOI in "Set up camera" tool if file device is selected BUG FIXES - "Find object" tool displayed object center even if no object was found - Suggested name when saving an image was incorrect - Using ip addresses with leading zeros resulted in incorrect network configuration - File device skipped images when capturing single image using "Run Once" - In very rare cases configuration was lost when unplugging the camera - Nominal values were displayed when monitoring inspection programs even if no nominal values were set - Violating nominal values were incorrectly displayed when monitoring an inspection program - Additional image tab was displayed during configuration of tool "Find object" - Using negative values as nominal angles was not possible - Calculated rotation of detected codes was inconsistent - Tool "Read text" sometimes displayed invalid characters - Tool "Set Outputs" sometimes did not show all available outputs when using hardware triggering - Status messages were sent even if no change happened - Busy status message was sporadically missed during change of inspection program - Tool "Find object" could ignore valid angle range limits in some rare cases - All settings were reset to defaults when invalid FTP settings were set - Inconsistent usage of time/date related to the time zone settings - Sometimes the camera offered wrong share folders - Special characters in tool names caused problems - Multiple tools with equal names caused problems 16.12.2016 1.3.2 BUG FIXES - Find object tool ignored tolerance settings - Find object sometimes failed although the object's match was higher than the minimum match - After starting execution the first inspection sometimes skipped tools - Code verification in the read code tool sometimes showed wrong results - Camera crashed when entering invalid FTP server address - Read text tool failed to read white text on black background when in verification mode - Internet Explorer showed wrong cursor for scaling the area of interest - Inspection result is "failed" upon loading default inspection program - Empty set up camera tool settings page after change of camera device 28.11.2016 1.3.1 CHANGES - "Read code" shows red AOI if the tool result is a warning or error. Additionally, green rectangles for found codes are displayed. If the expected text did not match, the rectangle will be red. - "Find object" shows red AOI if the tool result is a warning or error. Additionally, a green circle will show the center of the object if it was found. - Inspection results can be exported to a FTP server and displayed in a human readable format. - Tool results can be ignored for the current inspection result. - If "Find object" does not find an object, the inspection will continue to run and "Find object" will pass its input image to its successors. - The range of gray values considered by "Check brightness" can be specified. - The area of interest of "Find object" for searching the object center can be modified inside the wizard and outside of the settings page. - It is possible to draw lines, rectangles and ellipses when specifying a mask. - Starting an inspection program by SPS returns connected clients to the monitor page. - "Read code" uses only teached code types when searching. The option "Optimized search" has been added to the code reader for using additional properties of the teached codes like size and brightness. - It is possible to select the images which are used and those which are ignored by the File Device. - If the search area for specific tools like "Check brightness", "Check focus" or "Read text" are monitored, they will be visualized according to the result of the corresponding tool. - The calibration dialog can be closed by pressing "Enter". - A new boolean input called "Inspection result" has been added for all tools but "Setup camera". This input signals whether all preceeding tools did run successfully or not. - The rectangular area of interest for "Check focus" and "Check brightness" has been replaced by a mask. - Tool results can be inverted by specifying the tolerance accordingly. - The new graphical overlays which display the tool results are not shown in the result table. BUG FIXES - Expressions in parenthesis did not work in all cases. - "Run once" skipped images when used with the File Device. - Sporadic deadlocks when changing inspection programs. - Disabling Avahi prevented mvIMPACT-CS to start. - Area of interest of "Read code" was visible after training. - Changing the conversion factor while "Loop" is activated could lead to wrong values for variables with units. - Sending strings bigger than 9999 characters crashed mvIMPACT-CS and persisted after reboot. - Chrome sometimes freezed. - Unspecific error messages in "Measure object". - Teach mask was missing in "Find object". - "Read code" flickered sometimes. - Leaving the browser with the mouse while dragging an area of interest dropped it upon leave. - Selecting circles in "Measure object" did not work all the time. - Changing inspection programs could freeze client. - Resetting mvIMPACT-CS via fieldbus caused segfault. - Resetting mvIMPACT-CS via UDP was not thread safe. - "Find object" was sometimes corrupted when duplicating an inspection program. - "Send results" could lose outputs. - Switching between inspections using the File Device could cause deadlock. - Buttons had missing labels. - Unaligned memory access with specific inspection programs. - Missing caption in "Find object". 04.10.2016 1.3.0 CHANGES - New tool: Measure object measures distances, radiuses and angles. - Read text tool shows degree of match only if text validation is enabled - Code reader tool aligns image by code - File device automatically continues with the first image after reaching the last one in the directory - Manual: Added tips and tricks for find object and check object tool - Import and Export now accept inspection programs up to 100 MB - Camera is able to send its status to PLC - PLC is able to get and set the camera date, time and inspection ID - PLC is able to switch inspection program - New order of tool box - Reduced size of update packages BUG FIXES - Fixed long duration crash with Chrome - Removed flickering after cold boot - Formulas containing "NOT" did not work properly - Find object tool sometimes didn't recognize round objects - Camera settings were reset after switching to file device - Rotation angle of code reader was sometimes wrong - Sometimes a deleted inspection program could not been imported again - Read inputs was sometimes added to the end of tool list - Buggy auto completion for links and formulas - Time zone was ignored in statistics view - Deleting the send results tool sometimes led to a crash - Several other stabilization tasks - Wrong inspection program loaded after reboot 26.08.2016 1.2.3 CHANGES - If the network settings could not be loaded, they will get reset on start of mvIMPACT-CS to default values and DHCP - Network settings can now be changed even if invalid values were set before BUG FIXES - Network settings could not be changed when containing invalid values. Default values were sometimes broken. - Camera was not accessable when IP address and gateway were in different subnets. 25.05.2016 1.2.2 CHANGES - ICS is now mvIMPACT-CS - Changing inspection program via UDP and serial is now supported - Teaching "Read code" when preceeding tool does not exist or is invalid is now disabled - Setting and getting the inspection program via UDP and serial is now supported - Setting and getting the system time and date via UDP and serial is now supported - Accepted inspection program size for import increased from 20 MiB to 100 MiB BUG FIXES - AOI did get lost in "Setup camera" - Deleting and reimporting the same inspection was not possible - Setting the system date to a value before 01/01/1970 prevented mvIMPACT-CS from starting - Sending commands via UDP didn't require connect - Timeout of 0 in "Setup camera" now waits infinitely for trigger - Timeout of 0 in "Setup camera" could hang up server - Flash settings in "Setup camera" were sometimes lost after restart - Switching cameras in "Setup camera" deactivates flash - Image acquisition timeout was applied even when trigger was disabled - "Check object" sometimes rejected valid reference images - "Receive data" did read wrong data - AOI was not applied to image in monitor mode - SmartField visualization was incomplete - User manual did not show in regions with unsupported locale, only german and english locales were working - Tool insertion did insert tools at wrong position - Statistics ignored timezone - Creating or loading an inspection program did not block the UI 25.05.2016 1.2.1 CHANGES - No new features BUG FIXES - Camera timeout was not safed correctly - Camera was not properly closed when handling IOs - The camera itself was sometimes not found/selectable - Framerate in virtual device could not be set to values < 1 - SmartField values did not get safed properly - Triggered image capture sometimes resulted in empty images - Locator was not trained after reboot when using virtual devices - Trained locators produced different results than the original ones after loading - Loading inspection programs sometimes caused ICS to crash - Updates could hang up the camera - InputTool did read the wrong data under certain conditions 02.05.2016 1.2.0 CHANGES - No new features BUG FIXES - General improvement of stability - Some browsers crashed after several hours - Camera sometimes used wrong time/date - Some crashes when importing a inspection program - Sometimes I/Os were missing - Several browser-related glitches - IO-Link firmware only installed if newer than current version 11.04.2016 1.1.0 CHANGES - All digital in/outputs can be configured in the system settings (direction, name, invert). - Import/Export of inspection programs to backup and share them between cameras. - Find object tool is now capable to learn several object types and to distinguish between them. - Find object tool now shows the model's mass center in the image. - Find object tool now shows the absolute coordinates of the object as well as the relative translation related to the reference position. - New tool: Receive data. This tool can be used to receive data from a PLC or a control PC and react on the data within the inspection program. - New tool: Get inputs. This tool can read the state of the digital inputs and allows to react on the data within the inspection program. - Code reader tool is now able to read multiple codes in the same image. - New parameter in check object tool to fine tune the intensity based procedure. - New datatype in send results tool: bool. This allows to send boolean results to the PLC / control PC. - FileDevice images are stored with the inspection program. - Camera can be remote controlled by PLC / control PC: - Start/Stop inspection - Reboot camera - Send trigger signal - General performance improvements. - Splash screen. BUG FIXES - Several crashes. - Camera did not boot because of invalid inspection programs or settings. - Changing inspection program always chose FileDevice as camera device no matter what camera device was used before. - Sometimes links and formulas were lost / reset to defaults when loading a inspection program. - Links and formulas containing a "%" did not work properly. - Timeout in Code reader tool was sometimes ignored. - Camera not accessable after setting fixed IP address. - Several bug fixes in the check object tool. - Sometimes system time was not synchronized properly. - Trigger modes OnHighLevel and OnLowLevel always led to trigger alarms. - Several visual glitches. COMPATIBILITY / CHANGES FOR CUSTOMER - Support for Internet Exporer (minimum: version 10). 21.12.2015 1.0.0 CHANGES - First release containing the framework and the first tool set