mvBLUELYNX-X Upgrading from FW1.3 to FW1.4 ============================================= The prefered way to update a mvBlueLYNX is to allow it to connect to the Internet and use the folowing commands: --------------------- snip -------------------- opkg update opkg upgrade sync reboot --------------------- snip -------------------- However, if your mvBlueLYNX-X has no direct connection to the Internet you can use the files in this archive to update from firmware version FW1.3 to version FW1.4. ************************************************************************************************************* If your camera is running an older firmware than FW1.3 then you should use the incremental update scripts available on the MATRIX VISION website to update to FW1.3 before using this script. An easy way to determine the firmware version that is running is to start wxPropView and read the mvIMPACT-Acquire version from the title bar. The following table shows firmware version numbers and the corresponding mvIMPACT-Acquire version: Firmware Version mvIMPACT-Acquire Version =================================================== 1.0 1.12.25 1.1 1.12.39 1.1.1 1.12.41 1.1.2 1.12.41 1.1.3 1.12.41 1.2 1.12.57 1.3 1.12.73 1.4 (this version) 2.1.1 On later versions (from FW1.2 onwards) you should be able to display the current firmware version by using the following command: --------------------- snip -------------------- mvfeatures --------------------- snip -------------------- ************************************************************************************************************* INSTALLATION 1. Copy the archive "update_FW1.3_to_FW1.4.tgz" to your mvBL-X e.g. via the network or using a USB memory stick. 2. Place the archive in the /tmp directory 3. Unpack it with this command: --------------------- snip -------------------- cd /tmp tar xvzf update_FW1.3_to_FW1.4.tgz --------------------- snip -------------------- The update script must be started in a terminal window opened locally on the camera i.e. with attached mouse and keyboard. Do not start the script if you are logged in via "ssh" or "VNC" because the network connection will be stopped by the script. 4. Change into the new directory and type in the following command: --------------------- snip -------------------- cd /tmp/update_FW1.4 ./ --------------------- snip -------------------- The script will now upgrade any packages that are installed on your mvBL-X and that are now available in a newer version. Packages not already installed will be skipped - this is NOT an error in the script. *** This may take several minutes. Please do not interrupt the script unless you are sure that something is not working correctly. After upgrading please reboot your mvBlueLYNX-X camera immediately. ------------------- If your mvBL-X can reach the Internet you might like to upgrade using the MATRIX VISION stable packet feed. This should be as easy as issuing the following commands in a terminal window: --------------------- snip -------------------- opkg update opkg upgrade sync reboot --------------------- snip -------------------- After upgrading please reboot your mvBlueLYNX-X camera. You can repeat this as often as you like to ensure that your mvBL-X is up-to-date. You can see if upgrades are pending like this: opkg update opkg list-upgradable -- MATRIX VISION 11/2012