3 and 10 Mpixel USB3 Vision cameras now in serial production

USB3 Vision camera mvBlueFOX3

Two CMOS sensors by Aptina are among the first round of the new mvBlueFOX3 USB3 Vision camera’s serial production. The sensors are characterized in particular by their A-Pix™ technology, which enhances the quantum efficiency by the use of light guides and deep photo diodes. This minimizes crosstalk and leads to sharper images with vibrant colors even in low-light conditions.

The smallest sensor at the start is the 1/3“ 3.1 Mpixels color sensor with a resolution of 2052 x 1536 pixels. This rolling shutter sensor manages a maximum frame rate of 30 Hz at full resolution and is suitable for demanding full-HD applications with 60 images per second.

The second sensor has a resolution of 3856 x 2764 pixels (10 Mpixels). There are color and gray scale models available. The 1/2.35“ rolling shutter sensor reaches a frame rate of 8.7 Hz at full resolution.

All sensors feature a Global Reset Release trigger functionality with the possibility to control a flash function to minimize rolling shutter artifacts.

The mvBlueFOX3 is suited for industrial applications and in spite of its size of 39 x 39 x 24 mm (B x H x D), its features make it a real giant: along with the integrated 256 Mbytes image memory, the mvBlueFOX3 has a huge FPGA with many smart features for image processing as well as 2/4 digital inputs and outputs. The camera family is compliant with the standards GenICam™ and USB3 Vision®. Drivers are available for Linux and Windows. Furthermore, the camera is supported by image processing libraries which are compliant with USB3 Vision®.

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