Camera-Link Frame Grabber

Camera Link Frame Grabber MVtitan-CL Camera Link Frame Grabber with image processor and local image memory

mvTITAN-CL, like all mvTITAN products, not only features a high-performance image processor but also a large local memory, which means that even at high transfer rates loss of data due to PCI bandwidth bottlenecks is now a thing of the past. Two CameraLink connectors allow the connection of one camera with MEDIUM interface or of two BASE cameras with two independent serial ports for camera control. An additional connector provides opto-isolated I/Os for trigger and flash control. mvTITAN-CL supports area sensor cameras and line sensor cameras and allows seamless, continuous image capture. Three parallel input LUTs can be used to transform 10 bit to 8 bit data. The high- performance image processor also permits preprocessing, e.g. Bayer-Mosaic color images can be converted in real time to the current display format for live display, without increasing the system's workload. Pixel and colour components can be represented locally as 8-32 bit and 8-16 bit values respectively. The max. data transfer rate from the camera is 100 MB/sec.

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