Change in the company management at MATRIX VISION

After forming part of MATRIX VISION for the past 27 years and as Technical Managing Director since 1996, Uwe Furtner has played a significant role in shaping the development of the company and will now dedicate himself to new challenges in the field of coaching and management consulting. He will therefore cease his operational activities as Managing Director and his duties as Division Manager of Research & Development on the 31.12.19.

MATRIX VISION has in the past years been led by a company management team consisting of Ralf Grasmann (Sales & Marketing & Supply Chain), Tobias Thullner (Finance & Administration) and Uwe Furtner (Research & Development). This will continue without restrictions. The company management team will be joined by Uwe Hagmaier as the new Division Manager of Research & Development. He has been with the company for over 27 years, holding various management functions in the field of development. Ralf Grasmann, who has over 20 years’ experience in factory automation and has worked as international Sales Manager at Balluff GmbH for the past 10 years, also takes on the role of Site Manager. Tobias Thullner has been with the company for 7 years and as a previous assistant to senior management, he already has experience being involved in decision-making and management processes.

MATRIX VISION therefore continues to be well positioned for the exciting challenges in a dynamic image processing market.

About the company Balluff

Founded in 1921 in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Germany and with a 3,550-strong workforce worldwide, Balluff is synonymous with progress, quality and interdisciplinary experience in industrial automation. As a leading sensor and automation specialist, the fourth-generation family business offers an extensive portfolio of innovative sensor, identification and network technologies, and software for integrated system solutions. In addition to its central headquarters in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Balluff has sales, production and development sites around the world and operates globally with 37 of its own subsidiaries. Customers are therefore guaranteed a fast, worldwide availability of products and a high quality of advice and service directly on site.

About the company MATRIX VISION

Founded in 1986 in Oppenweiler near Backnang, Germany, MATRIX VISION is one of the largest providers of image processing components in the German-speaking market. As a pioneer in vision, the company offers a wide range of frame grabbers, industrial cameras, smart cameras, video sensors, embedded systems and software for industrial image processing. For special requirements, MATRIX VISION also develops solutions that are customer-specific and that range from the individual component to the complete functional unit.

From left to right: Ralf Grasmann, Tobias Thullner, Uwe Hagmaier
From left to right: Ralf Grasmann, Tobias Thullner, Uwe Hagmaier

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