Fast inspections without the need for knowledge of image processing – production of the new mvBlueGEMINI smart camera to start

The use of complex smart cameras was once the preserve of a handful of experts, but that is now a thing of the past. The innovative mvBlueGEMINI smart camera combines powerful hardware with intuitive software. It enables both users without any programming knowledge and developers without any knowledge of image processing to perform visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently. With the Version 1.0 release, the smart camera is now available for immediate production.

The reduction of the smart camera’s time-to-market is achieved thanks to the new “mvIMPACT Configuration Studio” software, or mvIMPACT-CS for short. The mvIMPACT-CS software is web-based and therefore offers numerous advantages: there is no need to install it and it can also be called up simultaneously by a wide range of devices such as tablets, smartphones or PCs via the network, or from an available access point via the WLAN. The intuitive user wizard prompts and the reduction of parameters to just the essential ones assist users and consequently speed up the development of the application. It is also possible to train the device to perform tasks, enabling mvIMPACT-CS to select the correct algorithms and set the appropriate parameters. For this reason, users do not necessarily need to have knowledge of image processing.

An application consists of a series of individual, easy-to-understand tools such as “Get image”, “Find object”, “Read code” etc., all of which are grouped together in a single toolbox. All tools are based on the HALCON image processing library and have been optimised for the hardware, which makes the application run even faster. However, mvIMPACT-CS also offers the flexibility required by professionals. If a task requires a client-specific tool, mvIMPACT-CS can be readily expanded with the client’s own library.

The powerful mvBlueGEMINI hardware with dual-core processor has been optimised for mvIMPACT-CS, enabling them to work in perfect harmony: the hardware looks after the JPEG compression for live image display and debayering, and also ensures real-time input/output. The camera’s small size, minimal power consumption of less than 5 watts, the Gigabit Ethernet interface and the IP67 splash-proof case also enable the camera to be easily incorporated into existing infrastructures.

To celebrate the launch of production, the mvBlueGEMINI will also be available as a starter kit for a one-off special offer price from February. In addition to the camera, the starter kit also contains a lens, light, cable, mains adapter and I/O box, supplied in a robust case. Why not take advantage of this offer today?

The “mvBlueGEMINI” smart camera – the “twin” product with perfectly matched hardware and software for the menu-guided development of applications without the need for knowledge of image processing

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