Intelligent image processing camera with integrated 266 or 400 MHz PC

The mvCAM-PC compact digital image processing camera by German manufacturer MATRIX VISION will shortly be available with 266 MHz processor power. MATRIX VISION expects to be able to increase processing speed to 400 MHz by the end of the year. With that, this image processing system will offer a processing speed previously only attainable on conventional PC solutions. Images are captured by means of black-and-white or colour Progressive Scan CCDs with a range of resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, as well as CMOS sensors featuring random pixel access. As the mvCAM-PC is based on standard PC architecture, existing PC applications can be taken over directly. Choose between Windows NT embedded, Windows 95/98, LINUX and DOS operating systems. Custom applications can be developed directly on camera or on a standard PC. The intelligent camera provides all standard ports required to connect peripheral components, such as COM1/2, LPT, keyboard, mouse and VGA. In the industrial environment, process integration is possible via the opto-isolated digital I/O and over the Ethernet interface. The system can be configured with memory options up to 256 MB SDRAM and 220 MB. Connectivity for an additional hard disk is optional. Our software products are designed with two aims in mind: firstly, to enable the developer to work within a familiar development environment on the camera and, secondly, to provide the end user with a user-friendly interface for configuring test procedures. Optimized algorithms are available or in preparation as library functions or in configurable standard applications. The driver functions of the supplied mvCAM-SDKs are compatible with the MATRIX VISION grabber port. mvCAM-PC is, therefore, a cost effective solution for all types of industrial image processing applications including security applications in the role of a dedicated video sensor.

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