MATRIX VISION France takes over distribution of Hitachi Kokusai cameras in France and French speaking Switzerland

Hitachi Kokusai one of the largest manufacturer of analogue and digital cameras world-wide relies on MATRIX VISION France as distribution partner in France and Francophone Switzerland. Since its foundation in 2003, MATRIX VISION France has become a constant in the image processing market in France, whereof Hitachi Kokusai wants to profit by now.

Hitachi Kokusai cameras impress with a series of advantages: First on production lines they can often replace pin to pin other brands, second they offering excellent performances at low cost. MATRIX VISION disposes frame grabbers suitable for these cameras. For gray scale acquisitions up to 40MHz pixel clock MATRIX VISION is offering for example the successful frame grabbers mvGAMMA-G and mvTITAN-G1, for mono or tri-CCD cameras the approved frame grabbers mvTITAN-RGB/G3 or G4 and for Camera Link cameras with gray scale or color acquisition up to 250MB/s the powerful frame grabbers mvGAMMA-CL, mvTITAN-CL as well as for PCI Express Bus the new mvHYPERION-CLe.

This partnership completes the product range of MATRIX VISION France and adds Hitachi’s analogue cameras and digital cameras with Firewire and Camera Link interfaces to the own assortment of standard cameras with USB (mvBlueFOX) and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (mvBlueCOUGAR), intelligent cameras (mvBlueLYNX) and frame grabbers.

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