MATRIX Vision Impact. Expanded SW-Tools

Impact Base is the basic module containing the components frame grabber controller, image handling, display with graphical overlay, file I/O as well as basic operations such as filter, morphological operators, histogram functions, FFT and shading correction. This module can be used free of charge in connection with a MATRIX VISION product. Low-priced expansion modules such as Impact OCR, Blob, Measure, Match, Focus and Color provide highly optimized algorithms for a wide variety of image processing tasks. -> The new image database module Impact IDB enables you to easily create and manage your own image databases. It allows any number of categories to be defined for individual images, and it can be coupled to existing databases. -> The 3D module Impact D3D calculates the disparity, i.e. object-to-camera distance, from the shots taken by two cameras and calculates with unerring accuracy the speed at which individual objects in a scene are moving. -> Another new feature of this version is an OCR-Teachtool which can be used for optical character recognition tasks. Using this tool you can easily teach in your own character sets and test the OCR application before you begin the process of programming. -> The key expansion to the SDK Samples in the languages Visual Basic, Delphi and Java was the introduction of a COM interface. Now it is possible to use a wide range of programming languages. -> The frame grabber interface was has been significantly expanded. Capture of 16 bit grey-scale images is now possible by default.

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