Multichannel Grabber for surveillance applications

Multichannel grabber with integral display for split-screen applications Concurrent representation of multiple live images on a single screen is a frequent requirement for visualization and surveillance systems. The new mvSIGMA-QV provides this functionality with a maximum of flexibility. Four real-time channels with independent input multiplexers providing 16 grey-scale/FBAS inputs allow all signals to be represented concurrently in windows, in any configuration and a variety of sizes. Each signal can be represented in real time on a 2x2 split-screen. If multiple input signal processing is required, the correspondingly smaller windows are represented with sufficient speed thanks to rapid input switchover. One of the special features of mvSIGMA-QV is the integrated SVGA which provides both a VGA output and a TV output with FBAS or Y-C standard in parallel. The local VGA can be configured either as a system VGA or as a second display.

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