mvBlueFOX - improvements for USB camera

mvBlueFOX - improvements for USB camera

On VISION 2007 in Stuttgart, MATRIX VISION's compact industrial USB 2.0 camera comes up with three improvements.

The first improvement is related to the image quality. By using a new analogue digital converter, the image quality is raised in addition to the high existing image quality. The second improvement is the new memory option for the mvBlueFOX. The memory option optimizes the data transfer via USB. Images will be buffered and handed in later. With the last improvement, the range of available CMOS sensors will be expanded. The 1/2“ gray scale sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels from Micron reaches a frame rate of 30 frames per second and it is attractive in its low noise and its high photosensitivity.

Besides, everything will remain unaffected. The mvBlueFOX with a size of 38.8 x 38.8 x 58.5 mm (width x height x length) is available with a lens holder for C-, CS-, S-Mount lenses, in the same way customer specific wishes are possible. Furthermore, the camera contains two digital I/Os, which can be used for trigger and flash. With the help of the Hardware Real-Time Controller (HRTC), which is be implemented in the FPGA, the inputs may be polled out and the outputs and image capture may be easily operated in real-time. This allows the HRTC to implement a multitude of applications such as generation of trigger signals, synchronisation of diverse cameras, fast generation of image sequences with different flash and exposure settings etc.

Beside the drivers for Linux and Windows, the module also supports DirectShow, NeuroCheck, Halcon, LabView and naturally the MATRIX VISION image processing library mvIMPACT completely.

Especially for OEMs, the industrial camera mvBlueFOX is available as a manageable and flexible camera module.

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