mvBlueGEMINI – an application that is visual, intuitive and quick to produce

All around the world, industrial production is characterized by increasingly stringent quality requirements coupled with the need for faster production processes in order to reduce costs. As a result, the demand for faster and more cost-effective image processing solutions is also on the rise.

The mvBlueGEMINI smart camera offers the perfect response to this. It is an ideal camera for beginners and experienced image processors alike thanks to the new “mvIMPACT Configuration Studio” software, or mvIMPACT-CS for short. The mvIMPACT-CS software is web-based and therefore offers a range of advantages: it does not need to be installed and can be accessed from a variety of devices, such as tablets, smartphones and PCs, simultaneously over a network or via an available WLAN access point. Wizards provide intuitive user guidance, and parameters have been reduced to just those that are absolutely necessary, supporting the user and as a result accelerating the development of the application. In addition, the application can be trained to carry out tasks, for which mvIMPACT-CS selects the required algorithms and sets the appropriate parameters. This means that knowledge of image processing techniques is not necessarily required.

Applications are based on a range of individual, easy-to-understand tools such as “take picture”, “find object”, “read code”, etc., which are all contained within a toolbox. All tools are based on the HALCON Image Processing Library, and are optimally adapted to the hardware, allowing the application to run faster. However, mvIMPACT-CS also offers the flexibility required by professionals. If a client-specific tool is required for a task, the client’s own libraries can simply be added to mvIMPACT-CS .

The powerful mvBlueGEMINI hardware with its dual-core processor is optimized for mvIMPACT-CS , and the two work together in perfect harmony. The hardware takes care of JPEG compression for live image display and debayering, and also ensures real-time input/output. Thanks to its small size, low power consumption (less than 5 watts), Gigabit Ethernet interface and IP67 splash-proof housing, the camera can easily be incorporated into existing infrastructures.

The “mvBlueGEMINI” smart camera – a perfect combination of hardware and software for menu-led development of applications, which requires little knowledge of image processing techniques

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