mvBlueGEMINI Release 1.3 – Measure Tool expands tool set

This twin concept, which brings together the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera and the "mvIMPACT Configuration Studio" (mvIMPACT-CS for short) allows users without programming expertise and developers without knowledge of image processing to implement complete visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently. This is possible thanks to the intuitive and simple operating concept of the mvIMPACT-CS, which uses wizards to guide the user efficiently through the inspection set-up, thus guaranteeing uncomplicated, rapid access to industrial image processing. Release 1.3, with the new Measure Tool, enables the mvBlueGEMINI and the mvIMPACT-CS to carry out measurements in inspection programmes.

As with the existing tools, the focus of the Measure Tool is easy, quick and efficient operation. For this reason, the Measure Tool is also equipped with a wizard. This highlights all the lines and circles it finds in the reference image. Users then select two elements that they want to measure. The wizard now automatically detects whether these elements are radii, angles or distances and issues the measurement values. The tool's supported measurement types are:

  • Line-line distance
  • Line-line angle
  • Circle radius
  • Line-circle distance (minimum distance)
  • Line-circle distance (line to centre of circle)
  • Circle-circle distance (minimum distance)
  • Circle-circle distance (circle to centre of circle)
  • Circle-circle distance (centre of circle-centre of circle)

Any amount of measurements can be carried out for each measurement step and the tool applies these measurements to the latest image in each run through. Tolerances can, of course, be specified for each measurement in the process and then used to accept a test object as good or bad.

The "mvBlueGEMINI" smart camera – the "twin" product with perfectly matched hardware and software for the menu-guided development of applications without the need for any image processing expertise.

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