mvBlueLYNX-M - mvBlueLYNX compatible single-board version

mvBlueLYNX-M - mvBlueLYNX compatible single-board version

With the launch of the new mvBlueLYNX-M module MATRIX VISION GmbH offers a single-board system which is compatible with the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX. The modules are especially suited to OEM customers who want to benefit from the improved application as well as from the easier integration of the boards.

All mvBlueLYNX-M modules feature a 400 MHz processor, 128 MB DDR-RAM memory, 4 MB NOR and 32 MB NAND Flash memory. Beside 8 digital I/Os, the 100 mm x 160 mm board has more interfaces, for example a USB interface to connect USB devices like mice, keyboards etc., a 100 Mbit LAN interface, which - as an option - can be used as a power supply (power over ethernet, in short: PoE), and a VGA port. Furthermore, there are interfaces via IDE for standard ATA 2.5" hard disks and memory cards like CompactFlash (CF). The module supports a wide range of high quality sensors: CCD sensors with 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, CMOS sensors with 640 x 480 up to 1280 x 1024 pixels in each case as color or monochrome versions as well as CCD line scan sensors with 512 lines up to 2048 lines. The sensors are mounted on a separate sensor head which underlines the adaptability of the modules.
A small and fast Embedded Linux with optimum network integration is used as the standard operating system, which - according to the requirements - can be easily optimized by installing customized software packages. Additionally the board is populated with a FPGA. This FPGA can be used for image preprocessing without extra CPU load. Furthermore the modules contain a realtime clock (RTC) and a watchdog.

In short: the mvBlueLYNX-M modules show all criteria of a complete "image processing system with an integrated frame grabber" and with theirs functionality as well as theirs multitude of interfaces they are flexible and thus ideal for OEM integration.

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