mvBlueLYNX-M7 - single-board image processing system

mvBlueLYNX-M7 - single-board image processing system

The new mvBlueLYNX-M modules from MATRIX VISION are free programmable single-board image processing systems. They allow to use both two identical sensor heads for stereoscopic applications or two sensors with different resolutions for mixed operation.

All mvBlueLYNX-M modules feature a 400 MHz PowerPC processor, 512 MB DDR2-RAM memory, 32 + 8 MB Flash memory. The 120 mm x 120 mm board has two 10/100/1000 Mbit LAN interfaces and support the GigEVision interface standard. Further interfaces are four USB 2.0, a miniPCI Type III, SD/SDHC memory cards and also eight digital inputs and outputs to control external peripherals like lighting. Different light sequences can be created with the proven Hardware Real-Time Controller (HRTC).

There are CCD sensors with 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, CMOS sensors with 1280 x 1024 pixels in each case as color or gray scale versions. The latter one is also available with an increased infrared sensivity. It is possible to connect two similar or two different sensors on separate sensor heads to the mvBlueLYNX-M7. For this reason, the mvBlueLYNX-M7 is suitable for applications like in the area of 3D metrology, traffic surveillance or as a movement sensor.

An Embedded Linux is used as operating system, which - according to the requirements - can be easily optimized by installing customized software packages or open source software. The mvIMPACT Base library is included in the scope of supply of the modules as well as all needed development tools for the usage on Windows and Linux PCs.

In short: the mvBlueLYNX-M7 modules show all criteria of a complete image processing system and with theirs functionality as well as theirs multitude of interfaces they are flexible and thus ideal for OEM integration.

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