mvHYPERION-CLf - PCI Express frame grabber for FULL CameraLink

mvHYPERION-CLf - PCI Express frame grabber for FULL CameraLink

The new mvHYERPION-CLf extends MATRIX VISION's PCIe family with a CameraLink frame grabber for FULL CL cameras.

The PCI Express x4 interface offers the necessary band width for image transfer and makes it possible to operate one CameraLink camera with FULL, MEDIUM or BASE configuration. Here, a continuous data rate of 620 MB/s is reached.

The mvHYPERION-CLf is suited for a multitude of image acquisition and image processing applications in the fields of science and industry. The frame grabber features two MiniCL connectors for camera control, opto-isolated I/Os (for trigger and flash control) and a camera power supply. Alternatively, it is possible to power the CameraLink cameras via Power over CameraLink (PoCL).

The mixed image data of sensors with several taps is sorted and output to the main memory linearly.

mvHYPERION-CLm is a further model of the x4 frame grabber. This frame grabber has the same features as the mvHYPERION-CLf with one difference: it is possible to connect either two CameraLink cameras with BASE configuration or one CameraLink camera with MEDIUM configuration.

Drivers for Linux 32/64 bit as well as Windows Vista 32/64 bit are available (mvIMPACT Acquire). Additionally the mvIMPACT Base library is included in the scope of supply.

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