mvSIGMA-SLC Frame Grabber with New Features

Extended functionality of mvSIGMA-SLC image processing board opens up new applications in industry, security and medical engineering.

The widely used mvSIGMA-SLC frame grabber by MATRIX VISION is now available in a fully revised version with new possibilities. This inexpensive value board provides 4 software-switchable video inputs for Y/C and composite video signals. The multistandard interface of this image processing board allows the real-time capture and display of almost all video standards. The new version now allows channel switching at maximum speed. The synchronization times necessary for switching to a different video signal have been significantly reduced. This feature is of key importance in video surveillance, where images generated by a number of cameras generally have to be captured by multiple frame grabbers. Video images can also be reduced using a scaler. Real-time interpolation ensures a high image quality. New features also include additional digital inputs/outputs which offer interesting surveillance possibilities. With 5 inputs and 4 outputs, one alarm input and 1 signal output are now available for each camera channel. There is no need for additional digital I/O boards. The fifth input is interrupt compatible and can be used as a trigger input. mvSIGMA-SLC is also optionally available with a video output. A brought-out 12V voltage supply for the camera makes an additional power supply unit unnecessary. The Windows application ImpactGo!, as well as the Impact Base Library with basic image processing algorithms, are included in the scope of supply of the frame grabber. A variety of drivers for Windows and Linux, as well as various standard image processing programs and TWAIN, are also included.

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