mvSIGMA-SQe - Doesn't miss a thing

mvSIGMA-SQe - Doesn't miss a thing

The mvSIGMA-SQe is a 4 channel multistandard frame grabber for PCI Express, which represents a perfect solution for the security branch according to its features.

However, speaking about "one" card does not represent the truth. The mvSIGMA-SQe combines four parallel frame grabbers including 16 CVBS/gray or four Y/C video inputs on one card and can acquire and display up to four video channels synchronously depending to the image resolution. Here the frame grabber reaches a frame rate up to 200 frames per second (color format: YUV 4:2:2), i.e. per channel up to 50 frames per second. Progressive scan, interlaced scan as well as the common video enconding format CIF (352 x 288 pixels) are supported. A fixed gain or an automatic gain control (AGC) can be set for the image acquisition. In addition scalings and color space conversions are possible.

Asynchronized and synchronized cameras can be used with the frame grabber. Using several cameras the switching time of synchronized cameras amount to 0 msec (asynchronized cameras: 0 up to 40 msec). Additionally the mvSIGMA-SQe features 16 digital inputs and eight outputs, which will allow, for example, an alarm input if the image changes.

The frame grabber offers harddisk recordings as well as splitscreen applications with up to 16 images whereas both applications are dependent on the design of the application. In short: a frame grabber which misses nothing.

The mvIMPACT Base library is included in the scope of supply of the frame grabber. A variety of drivers for Windows and Linux are also included.

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