mvSMCC - small-sized logo verification

In 2006 with the successful implementation of the Germany-wide consistent deposit system for cans and disposable beverages packagings, new verification systems were necessary to resist deposit fraud trials effectually. With a not common idea, MATRIX VISION proved to be a competent manufacturer in the industrial image processing area.

However, what is exactly the subject matter? Since the implementation of the consistent deposit system in Germany, tricksters had tried to come into deposit money with counterfeit deposit logos illegally. Major trade chains answered back with reverse vending machines, which verify the deposit logo additionally. Meanwhile for owners of smaller kiosk or petrol station the expense is too high and rather holds on a financial risk. On the one hand, a vending machine has acquisition costs and on the other hand, a vending machine occupies important sales area, which results in sales losses. For this reason, another solution had to be found.

With the slogan "small but easy to use", MATRIX VISION found a solution in the form of a ball pen and integrated a complete optical verification system in it. The name of the verification pen is mvSMCC, short for MATRIX VISION’s Security Mark Color Checker, which points out the business of the pen. It verifies the authenticity of the deposit logo based on the changeover of the color. The mvSMCC is used like a normal ball pen. The operator presses the clip of the mvSMCC permanently to activate the optical recognition. Afterwards the verification pen is moved circularly above the deposit logo. As soon as the pen detects a correct deposit logo, it lights up and vibrates.

The mvSMCC is 135mm long, has a diameter of 13mm and is powered by an AAA battery.

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