mvTITAN-C16 image capture and compression board for security applications now with even higher performance

Intelligent colour frame grabber for high-speed capture and compression of data from up to 16 video sources

Specially developed for security applications, the mvTITAN-C16 Frame Grabber by MATRIX VISION is now available in a revised version with higher performance. The image processing board has 16 colour inputs, as well as 8 digital inputs/outputs and 8 onboard relays for controlling peripheral devices. Switching speed is key for data acquisition from multiple video sources. mvTITAN-C16 allows high-speed switching between asynchronous cameras without the usual synchronization delays, regardless of channel sequence. To enhance image quality, video decoders with 9-bit resolution are now used. A further outstanding feature is the high processing power of the integrated image processor which, in contrast to the hardwired chips used in image data compression, offers a variety of possibilities. It is possible, for instance, to control compression or another local function depending on image content. The new version uses a faster processor which allows the board to achieve higher JPEG compression speeds. Camera signals, as well as images or sequences that have already been recorded to harddisk, can be transferred to a video recorder, video printer or other video peripheral via a video output. The local image and program memory in the new mvTITAN-C16 version has been expanded to 16 MB from 8 MB. This memory is also of great use as a clipboard for DMA transfer across the PCI bus. A hardware scaler and a colour space converter assist the image processor and ensure optimum pre-processing of image data for display on the system screen. As an OEM product designed to be integrated into PC-based security systems, the board is supplied with all the necessary drivers. The scope of supply of the frame grabber includes the Windows application ImpactGo!, as well as the Impact Base Library with basic image processing algorithms. A variety of drivers for Windows and Linux, as well as various standard image processing programs and TWAIN, are also included.

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