mvVirtualDevice - application development with simulated image acquisition hardware

So far application development including the hardware specific part required also the image processing hardware itself; however, with the aid of mvVirtualDevice it is possible to start and test developing without even harre - quite virtually.

In the past a developer had to decide the hardware during the choice of the image processing software. The developer often wouldn’t know if he bought a pig in a poke. But this time is gone. With MATRIX VISION’s mvVirtualDevice now developers can try mvIMPACT SDK functions without MATRIX VISION hardware nevertheless it is possible to implement the hardware specific part. The ingenious thing about it is that mvVirtualDevice acquires application images from the hard disk and therefore a real use can be simulated. After completion of the application every MATRIX VISION hardware can be installed and used without delay.

mvVirtualDevice is available for Windows on MATRIX VISION’s website. Additionally MATRIX VISION offers a 64 bit Windows version on its website, too.

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