New mvDELTA with enhanced image quality

New mvDELTA with enhanced image quality  This new version of the highly integrated frame grabber board represents a universal and cost effective solution for image processing applications in many different fields

German manufacturer MATRIX VISION can now supply the proven mvDELTA PCI frame grabber in a new version which features cutting-edge chip technology. The new version of mvDELTA therefore provides visibly better image quality. Thanks to the disablable AGC function, specific applications are now viable since unwanted fluctuation in brightness is eliminated through continuous AGC activity. The image processing board provides an ideal solution for almost all image digitization applications, e.g. in quality assurance, surveillance systems, microscopy and medical engineering, at a highly competitive price. The PCI Bus board can handle composite and Y/C colour video signals and has a PCI master DMA interface for real-time data transfer to the main memory of the PC or graphics card. Images are digitized in high quality with the full PAL resolution of 768 x 576 pixels. For this purpose, board provides 4 software-switchable video inputs for composite video signals. An input can be operated optionally as a Y/C input. Image parameters such as contrast, brightness and colour saturation can be set digitally. Digitized images can be scaled horizontally and vertically pixel by pixel using an interpolating scaler. Notably, the mvDELTA frame grabber provides comprehensive software support. Libraries which run under Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT as well as DOS are available for OEMs and software developers. The function requests are compatible with all other MATRIX VISION image processing boards. The supplied demo program MVpilot-32 allows mvDELTA to be used straight away to capture and play back video images and sequences. The program is supplied with source codes and can therefore be used as the basis for custom applications running under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Drivers are also available for LINUX as well as the Image-Pro Plus and ImageCompact high-performance image analysis packages.

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