Three new professional articles from MATRIX VISION

In October/November three professional articles from MATRIX VISION were published with following topics:

  • "Detecting motorists driving against the traffic" (elektro Automation volume 2005, # 10)
    Since 2005 in France the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX is used for traffic surveillance on motorways and waterways. Since then the road safety was improved. Read more in the article.

  • "Configuration instead of programming" (Elektronik Praxis Profiline Oct. 2005)
    With the new developing tool mvRapidIMPACT it is easy to create both simple prototypes and adequate image processing applications including the GUI per Drag & Drop. Read more about this new concept in the article.

  • "Multidimensional!" (GIT Inspect 04/2005)
    The intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX used as a 3D scanner in cooperation with the image processing tools mvIMPACT opens new application areas and improves the quality control. More information in the article.

All these present articles are originally published in German and translated.

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