mvIMPACT Acquire

mvIMPACT Acquire is the application programming interface (API) for MATRIX VISION hardware. A number of current programming languages are supported like:

  • C,
  • C++,
  • C# and
  • VB.NET

mvIMPACT Acquire is part of the driver package, which is available in the support area. The programming interface can be used

  • to control the hardware and
  • to acquire the images (including to set the parameters).

Integrated Image Processing Functions

Furthermore mvIMPACT Acquire offers a number of host-based image processing functions, which are available for all MATRIX VISION hardware products. The following screenshot shows the available functions:

tl_files/mv11/images/products/mvIMPACT Acquire/mvIMPACT_Acquire_Driver-based_functions.png

The order of the features in this list represents the order of the processing pipeline.

Interfaces to other Software Libraries

mvIMPACT Acquire offers interfaces for the common image processing libraries like

  • DirectShow®
  • VisionPro® (Cognex)
  • NeuroCheck 6
  • NeuroCheck 5.1
  • etc.

A Multitude of Sample Programs

Furthermore, the mvIMPACT Acquire driver package consists of mvIMPACT Acquire based sample applications.

The best-known and most comprehensive sample application is wxPropView. With this application you can display and set all parameters of the used hardware. Besides, you can acquire, set, and display the images with wxPropView. wxPropView is not limited to MATRIX VISION hardware. mvIMPACT Acquire can be used with any GenICam, GigE Vision, and USB3 Vision compliant.

Subject to change without notice, Date 02/2014