mvBlueGEMINI-Inspect - smart camera for quality assurances

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  • Save time with automatic tool selection and parameterizing
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mvBlueGEMINI-Inspect is used for inspecting objects. The inspect variant focuses on three tools. "Find object" finds an object in a picture, irrespective of the position, and aligns the image accordingly. This means that subsequent processes such as "Check object" and "Measure object" can be carried out more quickly. The former checks whether the current object is free from defects with the help of learned good and bad parts, while the latter can be used to measure objects in the image and, where necessary, to check whether they lie within a permitted tolerance range.

  • Functional overview
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  • Dimensional drawing
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Tools mvBlueGEMINI-Inspect mvBlueGEMINI-Ident Standard
Get image
(Get inputs, Receive data, Set outputs, Send results)
Process reliance
(Check brightness/focus)
Read code
Read text
Find object
Check object
Measure object
Part code Article description
MV-TRIPOD ARM 1/4" Tripod with locking arm and two ball head joints
MV-X I/O-BOX I/O-Box to connect and test a mvBlueGEMINI camera, for digital I/O and RS-232
MV-DC2401 GEM IO Power supply 24V / 1.5 A for mvBlueGEMINI
with Dig. I/O on separate cable,
length Power 2.0m, I/O 1.0m
MV LENS TUBE GEMINI 54 Lens protections tube, IP67, length 54mm
PLC-AB7000-C-HMS Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS-DP single packed
PLC-AB7003-B-HMS Anybus Communicator CANopen single packed
PLC-AB7013-C-HMS Anybus Communicator PROFINET IO single packed
CALIB-PLATE 80x60-MT Calibration plate for mvIMPACT-CS, plate size 85mm x 85mm x 2mm, structure size 80mm x 60mm, structure accuracy +/- 0.15µm, material ceramic
CALIB-PLATE 160x120-MT Calibration plate for mvIMPACT-CS, plate size 200mm x 200mm x 4mm, structure size 160mm x 120mm, structure accuracy +/- 30µm, material alu/plastic/alu
CALIB-PLATE 320x240-MT Calibration plate for mvIMPACT-CS, plate size 360mm x 360mm x 6mm, structure size 320mm x 240mm, structure accuracy +/- 30µm, material alu/plastic/alu
Cables To the cable selector
Lenses To the lens selector
Lighting systems To the lighting systems selector
Dimensional drawing Smart Cam
Dimensional drawing Smart Cam

The dimensional drawings / sketches only contain reference values. For concrete technical drawings with tolerances or related 3D models, please contact our sales or support team.


The firmware update using the .sh update file is described in chapter 9 "Updates" in the mvBlueGEMINI Technical Manual (English).

mvBlueGEMINI.history mvBlueGEMINI.history | 22.7 kB

mvBlueGEMINI History-Datei / mvBlueGEMINI history file | 69,875.0 kB

Firmware Version 2.1

MD5 Checksum - MD5 Checksum - | 0.1 kB

MD5 Checksum | 63,185.3 kB

Firmware Version 2.0

MD5 Checksum - MD5 Checksum - | 0.1 kB

MD5 Checksum | 24.1 kB


Löscht alle Settings und Inspektionsprogramme; installierte mvIMPACT-CS Version wird beibehalten | 
Resets all settings and inspection programs; keeps installed mvIMPACT-CS version

3D camera models

Um 3D-Modelle anzeigen lassen und herunterladen zu können, müssen Sie registriert und angemeldet sein.

mvBlueGEMINI Getting started (Deutsch/English) mvBlueGEMINI Getting started (Deutsch/English) | 5,065.8 kB

Getting started mvBlueGEMINI

mvBlueGEMINI Technical Manual (English) mvBlueGEMINI Technical Manual (English) | 847.8 kB

Technical Manual mvBlueGEMINI

mvBlueGEMINI Technisches Handbuch (Deutsch) mvBlueGEMINI Technisches Handbuch (Deutsch) | 878.1 kB

Technisches Handbuch mvBlueGEMINI

mvBlueGEMINI 2016-06 MR (English) mvBlueGEMINI 2016-06 MR (English) | 1,809.6 kB

Datasheet mvBlueGEMINI

mvBlueGEMINI 2016-06 MR (Deutsch) mvBlueGEMINI 2016-06 MR (Deutsch) | 1,814.2 kB

Datenblatt mvBlueGEMINI

mvBlueGEMINI technical details 2017-01 mvBlueGEMINI technical details 2017-01 | 318.4 kB

Datenblatt mvBlueGEMINI

Datenblatt Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (Deutsch) Datenblatt Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (Deutsch) | 1,090.6 kB

Datenblatt Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (Deutsch)

Datasheet Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (English) Datasheet Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (English) | 1,384.7 kB

Datasheet Anybus Communicator PLC-AB7000-C-HMS (English)

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