Sponsoring Heilbronn University - HS Heilbronn

Hochschule Heilbronn
Electrical engineering & information technology
Prof. Dr. Jäger




Because many employees as well as two managers have studied at Heilbronn university, we have a special connection to the close-by university.
Our sponsoring is used in two laboratories for data processing. The workings are practical and take place every tuesday in an eight week period. In this time the students try to solve standard problems in:

  • image processing
  • optical quality control
  • robot control

Example applications are (excerpt):

  • 3D scanning with 2D camera
  • Classification of objects (triangle, square, etc.) with a line scan camera
  • shape recognition
  • mounting check of a control unit with lamps
  • location recognition of a dice and recognition of the value, afterwards throwing the dice with a robot
  • barcode recognition
  • 3D measuring of steel bolt in free fall

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